Japanese Pokemon Warfare, A Complete History and Who's Marketed?


The Japanese Pokemon promo cards were first released in October, 1996. The first promo card released is Jigglypuff and Pikachu set on 2 promo cards. It was concealed in the November edition of the Coro Coro magazine (released October 15, 1996).
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Since then many Japanese Japanese Pokemon promo cards have been released. However, who are all the unique Pokémon promos in Japanese? Most older and expensive promotional cards are found in the hands of serious collectors.
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For example, the illustration of Pikachu was given as a reward for a drawing contest in Japan. There are 6 of them in the world.
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Other extreme things like the trophy of Pikachu, Tropical Winds, Secret Super Battle Mewtwo, Tropical Mega Battle, Battle Road 1st Tournament, and so on can be found on eBay from sellers like “Brianjapan” who may have the most unique collection of Japanese Pokemon promotions in the world.
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Some of these cards can be thousands of dollars.
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The original promotional cards in Japan do not count. Cards have a number, but no organization or system is available.
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From 1996 to 2001 promotional cards were released in various ways including tournaments, magazines, prospects, and so on. These cards are hard to find because they have no system.
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Finally, Pokemon promos began using a number system. The symbol of the black star was introduced back in July, 2001, with the release of the black star “P” series. “P” means “promo”.

This series consists of 47 cards and lasts until August, 2002. Among these cards are promotional cards on JR Railways, Triple Get lottery cards, McDonalds promos, movie promos and more.
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The next series is called “ADV” which means “Advance”. It started in January, 2003 and lasted until February, 2004.
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The series comprises 63 cards. Most of them are Meiji chocolate cards found in chocolate boxes, but also have McDonalds cards, entering Shogakukan comics, 7-11 promo series, Battle Road Tournament, and so on.
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In April, 2002, “PCG” launched a black star promotion. This is the largest series of dates. It has 154 cards and lasts until July 2006. These series include cards from McDonalds, Meiji Chocolate, Toys R Us, promo comics, ANA Airlines promos, Gym Challenge tournaments, and so on.
After 4 months of vacation, promos continue the series “DP” meaning “Diamond and Pearl”. This series starts in November, 2006 and runs for one year and ends in December, 2008. It consists of 127 cards including several Meiji chocolate cards, 5 versions of Pokemon Center’s 10th anniversary of Pikachu , Battle Road tournament prize cards, World Hobby Fair cards, McDonalds card purchases, Moneyover cards and more.
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In October, 2008, there was a small layer. There are some “DPt” black star promo cards released before the “DP” set. The DPT series began in October, 2008 and consists of 51 cards. It ended in July, 2009. The set includes cards from the Gym Challenge tournaments, cards from several different release tournaments including Bonds to Ends of Time and Pulse at Frontier, and several Shogakukan comic book promo cards.
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In September, 2009, the current Japanese promo series started. The “L-P” series which means “Legend” is currently running and has 57 promos at present. This series consists of tournament promos and some new Daisuki Club promo cards that have replaced the old Players Club card.
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There are many unique Japanese Pokemon promo cards made over the years. Others are in the hands of serious collectors and others can be found on websites, eBay, and other sources. For all of us who need to collect them, the eternal search is to get everything.
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US confronts difficulties in arming Iraqi air forces with missiles and F-16s

The second account, also called a ‘float account’, would act as a storage area for the cryptocurrency that the customer sells, while the third account, also a float account, would contain the equivalent amount of the cryptocurrency that the customer converts money.

That third bill would then return the converted funds to the original account of the customer for inclusion.
The proposed system collects data from external information sources on cryptocurrency exchange rates and uses this data to determine its own optimal speed.

The patent notes that this service would be for customers at company level, which means that if the bank were to carry out this project, it would be offered to companies.

Bank of America may look at cryptocurrency exchange services for its corporate customers – or at least keep options open if they become interested.

In a patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, the second largest bank in the US outlined a potential cryptocurrency exchange system that converts one digital currency into the other. In addition, this system would be automated, with the exchange rate between the two currencies being determined on the basis of external data feeds.
The patent describes a possible three-part system, where the first part would be a client account and the other two accounts would be owned by the company that manages the system. The user saves the cryptocurrency that he has chosen via the client account.
US confronts difficulties in arming Iraqi air forces with missiles and F-16s
There are some concerns within the U.S. government that the Iraqi air force will use the Hellfire missiles not only to kill terrorist leaders but also to intensify a sectarian campaign against Sunni political foes, according to senior U.S. military …

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iPad Air 2 Fall Release to be ‘Game Changer” Featuring Game Console, TV and
Apple’s well received iPad Air will soon have a following through the iPad Air 2. According to analysts, the upcoming slate will be a game changer as it promises to run on the improved A8 processor with better graphics performance. More importantly …

Bel Air Police make arrest in snowball stands caper
An investigation into two snowball stand burglaries in Bel Air has resulted in the identification of two suspects – one of whom has an extensive criminal record and was characterized during a bail hearing as a “danger to the community.” Earlier

You may make reservations through travel agents, as they are the ones who keep a track of all airlines. Airline sometimes tie up with reputed travel agencies to sell their seats to avoid the hassle of advertising offers in newspapers.
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Your agent may also help you plan your itinerary in case you are considering traveling abroad. Break journeys will cost you less than direct flights.

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Mr Jim Compton, the chief revenue officer of United Continental Holdings, commented upon the occasion in the words, ‘Our customers value Economy Plus and the additional personal space that it provides’. He further said, ‘customers who sit in Economy Plus are significantly more satisfied with their travel experience, as are travelers who choose other options that enable them to tailor their travel to their liking’. Industry experts feel that United’s decision to retain Economy Plus shows that the airline is dedicated towards offering a customised travel experience and creative choices to its passengers.

No airline list is complete without Southwest Airlines in the mix. As the top rated airline company for low cost rates, Southwest is heralded for its convenience and practicality. While regional in nature, Southwest now flies direct to many national destinations.

American Airlines

American Airlines used to be major player back in the early days of commercial aviation. In fact, it had a long standing rivalry with Pan-Am airways and other defunct airlines. Today, American Airlines still has a loyal and faithful passenger base. Most of their customers, however, have been enticed by Delta and other major carriers over the years.

U.S. Airways
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Last but not least is U.S Airways. While ranking fifth on this list, its merger with America West has increased both its fleet and passenger base.

Groupon, a popular “social-buying” coupon site that specializes in daily deals, has now partnered with Expedia for finding the perfect last-minute airfare deals for that much-needed getaway. If you have some vacation time coming up, and haven’t decided yet where to go, Groupon Getaways will find the ideal deal for you escape needs.
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TravelZoo has been one of the most well-used travel search engines for over 10 years. With the ability to search thousands of flights at the blink of an eye, TravelZoo can find those last-minute airfare deals that you are looking for. Instead of listing flights out on their site, they direct you to the websites themselves offering the travel deals, making booking even easier.
Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel
Booking Buddy

Keep in mind when I say the 1.28 cents/mile is for flights that is a rough estimate based off of a flight I found (the cheapest flight for specific dates as well). Using it for other rewards will also change its value. I find travel is one of the worst uses for it in terms of monetary value.
Entertainment rewards are usually the largest value/mile (probably because of the high markup with their prices). Using mileage plus miles for restaurant certificates on Restaurant.com, it appears that you can get anywhere from 2.5 cents/mile to 5 cents/mile. Significantly higher value for your Mileage Plus mile.

What to See in Washington DC
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There are certain times of the year when airline tickets are going to cost more and when they are going to cost less. When you look at prices historically, you can recognize the times that airfare is going to cost more including holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and during the peak summer travel season. You want to be sure to book ahead for these times of the year if you want to get cheap airfares. When you book your flight for these times well in advance, you can get discounted prices instead of paying the full fare that airlines can get closer to these times. The holiday rates do not go into effect until a month or so before the time of year so be sure to book before that time and you should get a good deal.

The Los Angeles area is served by Southwest Airlines cheap flights via four airports including the major Los Angeles International (LAX). The one airport not served by Southwest Airlines in the Los Angeles area is Long Beach so if you are headed there you will need to check out the fares of other low-cost carriers that fly to the area.
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Benefits of Booking Southwest Airlines cheap flights

So why should you check out Southwest Airlines cheap flights rather than those of other carriers? First, the point to point system employed by Southwest airlines means that it is likely to have flights going between your intended origin and destination cities. If you are relying on cheap flights from other carriers, you’ll probably be in luck if you happen to be living in a hub city otherwise, you might struggle to find a cheap flight to your intended destination.

Finding the cheapest plane tickets is difficult because travel agents and Internet websites use the central reservation systems that are updated periodically throughout the day. The reason why different searches come up with different results is because the systems are not updated at the same times. And, each system may use different algorithms when searching for low airfare tickets, which can provide a variety of ticket prices.
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Demand drives fare prices up or down, and explains why it’s usually cheaper to fly on weekdays, late nights, or non-holidays. Ticket pricing is based on competition. And, to complicate matters if one airline drops rates by 20 percent, most airlines will drop their rates as well. This eliminates a discounter’s (cheap airfare) competitive edge.
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Differences in fares can exist for identical routes on different airlines because one airline might dominate the market share for that destination, thus cheap airfare tickets are not needed to entice passengers. And, all this happens at the speed of light! Prices can change while your credit card information is being provided, and what you thought was the cheapest plane ticket, suddenly isn’t so cheap.

. One of the biggest money savers I discovered was taking a connecting flight rather than a direct flight. Sure if you the time this is not for you, but if you have a extra forty minutes to and hour you are sure to save big on your next flight.
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3. The particular date that you wish to travel on might be the most expensive day of that week. That just how the airlines works. Go to a site like Travelocity and use their tool that they have to check the price of the dates around your particular date you want to fly. The savings on the other dates may be just what you are looking for.
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4. Majority of the time when I book a ticket now, I reserve a round trip ticket. Not because all of the time I am flying back but, most times the round trip tickets are cheaper than the one way flights. Be sure to research this when booking your next flight.

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Exciting in-flight dining: Spirit Airlines offers an exciting palette of snacks and meals to its customers defining a new level of culinary experience. Leading the innovation quotient, the airline also introduced canned wines for its customers. From red sangria, strawberry moscato to rose moscato, the airline offers many flavors at affordable rates. Passengers just have to shell out $7 for one can and $16 for three cans.
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• Environment friendly: Spirit Airlines understands its contribution to the environment and uses the most modern fleet and configuration to ensure that it burns much less fuel as compared to its competitors. So flying with Spirit Airlines is not only affordable and luxurious, it’s also environment friendly.


It is the second largest low-cost airline in the US, providing service to approximately 100 destinations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The main hubs are Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada

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Based at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, the carrier operates flights throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It’s major US destinations are west of the Mississippi River.

There are various last minute travel deals that come very cheap, as airlines cant afford to lose revenue on empty seats.
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In order to get the best air travel deals, you need to be slightly flexible regarding your date of travel and the duration of stay. Ideally, you must choose to fly on weekdays, as mid week tickets are relatively cheaper than weekend fares. Airfares will also depend on the season and the time you choose to fly.

Odd hour flights are pretty inexpensive. You can fly with JetBlue at relatively low costs to places such as Las Vegas, Nassau in the Bahamas, San Juan, West Palm Beach, and Puerto Rico.

These places also happen to be some of the best holiday destinations and have tourists visiting every year from around the globe.

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Summer is almost over and I can guarantee more than half the people you know have yet to get away on a vacation. The fact is, most people do not take vacations often enough. In addition to this, increasingly, when individuals do take vacations, they take their work while on them. Taking your work with you on vacation essentially defeats the purpose of a vacation, as you are remaining in the mindset that you’re trying to escape. This lack of an ability to relax is problematic for many reasons.
Christmas and New Year
Vacations Promote Creativity

A valuable vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves. It may encourage self-discovery, allowing us to get back to feeling our absolute best.
Vacations Prevent Burnout

Employees who take time to relax are less likely to experience burnouts. This results in more creative and productive work, unlike under-rested counterparts who will become fatigued and overworked.

Since the early 1990’s a number of these airlines have sprung up all over North America as an alternative to the major, long-established carriers. The most successful low cost/charter airlines operating in the United States and Canada are:

The best site is going to offer an inclusive fees and taxes rate right on the search page to alleviate any confusion on your cheap airfares. The right company shows you from the beginning the price you have to pay. No credit card or other surcharges apply. What you see is what you pay.
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Airfare and hotels

If you are traveling somewhere and you do not have a place to stay, than book the hotel at the same time you get the airfare. In other words, if you do not have family in the place you visit then book cheap tickets and hotels. These all inclusive packages are less than if you book separately or wait until you arrive to make the booking for your hotel in or bed and breakfast. You do not want to be caught with a higher price because you missed an opportunity of cheap tickets and accommodations.

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Generally it is advisable to book 2 – 6 weeks ahead of the date you would like to fly, and many people recommend booking on Monday – Thursday for the cheapest fares in any season.


Where you fly out of and then where you touch down is going to impact the price of your tickets. Generally if you can arrange to depart from and arrive at a larger airport you can save a little money off of the price of a similar ticket at a more local airport.
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International flights will also be more expensive than domestic flights because of additional taxes and often necessary layovers. More stops generally means a higher price though some airlines will reduce the cost of a flight with multiple layovers.

Cheap air tickets are offered for all the major low-cost airlines including Spicejet, Indigo, Go Air, Kingfisher Red, Air India, JetLite, Paramount Airways, and Jet Airways. These airlines cover all the domestic key sectors like Delhi to Mumbai, Mumbai to Goa, Chennai to Hyderabad, Delhi to Pune, Kolkata to Mumbai, Delhi to Chennai, Delhi to Lucknow, Kolkata to Delhi, Delhi to Ahmedabad, and many more.

In addition to the booking of cheap domestic flights, these portals offer additional discounts on hotel bookings, vacation packages, and car rentals that make your travel deals even more economical and time saving for you. alaska airlines reservations So next time whenever you plan a trip by air, get your low-priced ticket bookings done through these online portals to fully enjoy the comforts of air travel.

Depending on your departing city (e.g., London or Bangkok) or country (e.g., India or Australia), it is a different site that is best. Moreover, your destination also has an influence on which site is most suitable to search for your flight. For example, if you travel to Asia or Australia, you will have to use different search engines than if you travel to Africa or America. To complicate things further, there also exist low cost carriers such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, Jetblue or Jetstar, which are usually not covered by the main search engine sites. Low cost carriers are airline companies that offer fewer services and don’t serve all destinations, but they offer much cheaper flights than normal carriers.

My favourite website is Skyscanner. One of the great features about this website is that you can check to see what the best price for the day is for travel worldwide from the airport of your preference. For example, I live in Toronto, so I will enter flights from Toronto (YYZ) to Everywhere. This is a great feature because it will tell me where on that day, which date, month, etc. is cheapest for me to fly anywhere in the world. [I used this site recently to help me get tickets for my trip to Seoul, South Korea in April.
cheap airline tickets allegiant Other airlines were charging $1,000-$1,500+ for flights to Seoul, but Delta was having a promotion and I was able to get round trip flights for only $850 CAD / $770 USD with the exchange rate.]

Another great feature on Skyscanner, is that you can put in your destination and dates of travel and sign up for “Price Alerts” so they will email you if the price goes up or down for your specified dates of travel. [My sister just used this feature to help her get a flight to Edmonton, Alberta for travel in May. Prices for one-way tickets were around $300-$400 and she was able to get it for $269 CAD.]

A low cost airline is a carrier that offers generally low fares in exchange for reducing many of the traditionally offered passenger services, by no means compromising the security of the travelers. The general characteristics of the low cost airlines are:

Flying to cheaper, less congested secondary airports and flying early in the morning or late in the evening to take advantage of lower landing fees; short flights and fast turnaround times, allowing maximum utilization of the aircraft; direct sales of tickets, especially over the Internet, avoiding fees and commissions paid to travel agents and reservations systems; eliminated in-flight catering and other complimentary services, replaced by optional paid-for in-flight food and beverages.

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The time of day that your flight leaves the airport can also have a dramatic effect on ticket prices. “Red eye” flights or flights that leave later at night or early in the morning are often much less expensive than flights leaving at other times of the day.

American eagle has accepted the “can do” attitude throughout every aspect of their organization. If you are a perspective and innovative you will surely meet the way how they value their employees. Taking the safety as a serious aspect, but still striving to have fun doing the job, they create a team oriented family where participation is the key of the success.
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Working for continental airlines has a special goal to maintain, which is the title of being no.1 world’s most admired airline to work in, as per fortune magazine. For the six consecutive years, they have this award in possession and thrive in encouraging new ideas and rewards performance. They provide high standards in the working environment, and if you have this quality in you future plans, continental airlines may be the right place for you.

Delta airlines careers primarily have the diversity as the most important quality. Serving the whole world, they know that it is essential to establish a parallel with any passenger, regardless their location and origin. Offering a wide range of job opportunities, they claim to put serious value on the strength of their people who are committed to diversity.


Based in Orlando, Florida, AirTran operates over 700 daily flights throughout the eastern USA and the Midwest, including over 200 daily departures from Atlanta.

There are many occasions where you come across a popular FLV file that you would like to have as audio. First let me discuss exactly what an FLV file is and how it works. An FLV file is nothing more than Flash video. The reason this video format was created was to deliver video files over the internet.
multiconvert.com FLV files were created by macromedia and have become the standard for video file delivery. FLV files may also be embedded in SWF files as well. Some notable Websites that deliver video through FLV files is YouTube, Google video, Yahoo video and Metacafe. Of these websites YouTube being the biggest supplier of FLV files on the internet.

Google has been evaluating web properties for trust. Their focus has broadened from putting up good content and getting backlinks to building a brand. Yes, small businesses are being rewarded for establishing themselves as a brand. When that brand becomes something people can relate to and trust, Google with its “eyes and ears” everywhere picks up the signals.
search engine
Where do these signals come from? Social media sites are hotspots that furnish Google with plentiful information. There are numerous examples of small businesses that are diligently cultivating a presence on social media sites. They’re reaping the rewards in the form of a jump in the SERPs on Google and a consequent traffic boost.

It is best to have flea control before there is a problem. This might mean having your cat wear a collar and giving your dogs baths often. Even with these precautions, the problem can spread and necessitate having your home treated. Whether you put it on your pets or end up needing to exterminate, you need to consider the toxicity. Either way you need to think about it in relation to your children, other family members, and the animals themselves.
advantage flea control
The application of a flea control product on your pet might come in the form of a shampoo. If you have ever tried to bathe a cat, then you know that it is not a pretty sight. This is a good reason to avoid the problem in the first place. A product might also be applied to your home. Sometimes homes are fumigated because of bugs or just sprayed. Whatever the application, make sure that you prepare your home as suggested so that you can protect your family against any toxins.

El Duce or How I Hate Mussolini


First, this article is not my idea. My daughter-in-law recommended it. I said, "L, give me two article ideas." He thought of the way he did all the time and finally said, "You know, I want to know about Mussolini."

The reason he wanted to know about El Duce was that he did not know about him in his youth, but he was behind his mind. "I want to know more about him," he said.

Of course, I know all the important things about Mussolini as I know all the important things about Tojo and Hitler.

I read all the best books about Hitler but it does not have a bit of a brain in the "Who's There."

In 1939 during the German troops invaded Poland, I remember walking with my older Brother, A, and his friends. It was a hot fall in the night and the moon was finished and what they said was afraid of me being drunk of death. And when looking at a church skit (the center of our culture), the place of storm troops coming home with small children, threatening them with bayonets, and taking their books and burned it, I knew that Hitler was a bad man. (The books are all for me. I live in the library.)

Now we look. In 1939, I was seven years old.

I learned about Japan on December 7, 1941. Hearing that our navy was almost completely destroyed by Pearl Harbor, my cousin and I was hoping to see Japan's plane over the blue sky above at any minute. Hurry!

I am now almost ten years old. That's what I first heard the name, Tojo. He is in all the cartoons. We've learned Tojo's hatred. We regret all that happened in the Pacific of Tojo.

Recently I read a book about Tojo and his trials after the Second World War. I believe we are not guilty of it because of all the fierce warfare. Tojo told the tribunal that we had to attack the commanders in the plains. However, he was killed as he remained a great source of historical information. He is the only bad man left. He is not a threat to anyone and a perfect man. I think he did not brag about the tribunal, just me.


In the forest we all know "Moose," "El Duce," Mussolini. He was the bullock in a uniformed color that always shot his mouth. Like Hitler, he was a corporation during the Second World War I. Hitler recovered him well and rescued him from partisan, but at the end of World War II he was eventually shot and hanged to the piazza in Milan. (I was there a few years back. One man moved the bodies.)

You can find out about Mussolini's early life at: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/2WWmussolini.htm.

I quoted: "Benito Mussolini was born in Forli, Italy in 1883. After working as a teacher, Mussolini fled to Switzerland in 1902 in an effort to avoid military service.

"Mussolini returned to Italy in 1904 and has spent ten years working as a journalist and became editor of" Avanti. "Mussolini was active in socialist movements but moved right in 1914 when the Italian government failed to support the Triple Alliance. In 1915 Mussolini escaped from the Socialist Party when it supported support for allies in the First World War.

"When Italy entered the war, Mussolini served the Italian Army and soon reached the rank of corporal. After he was in pain he returned to Milan to replace" Il Popolo d & # 39; Italia "in the right hand. at the Paris Peace Conference. "

(For those of you who want to know such things, Triple Alliance is a defense force over Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary.)

Benito Mussolini invaded areas throughout Africa. (He used the mustard gas of home guards, the only leader to use gas during the war.) He was stopped by the British. Despite entering Germany into the African campaign, the British, with assistance from General Eisenhower, won.

Allies want Mussolini to be completely out of the war so they can go to Sicily. It has helped lower the sufferings of Soviet troops and provides a base for the growth of Italy.

Listen! This is what Mussolini said in 1929:

"In the creation of a new authoritarian state but not absolutist, hierarchical and organic – that is, open to people of all kinds, its categories and interests – lies the great revolutionary originality in Fascism , and a teaching may be for the whole modern world that transcends State and individual authority, between the State and the anti-State. As with other revolutions, the fascist revolution has a great development but it is not enough It is not a revolution: it is only a necessary instrument of a determined part of the revolution. "

As children, we believe that Mussolini is a concubine, a great fat. We also have a lot of comedy about the Italian army. We do not think they are a group of warriors. There are various aspects of Italian parties. They knew that Mussolini was a wicked violent man who brought misfortune to thousands of people.

They went to secure him.

By using our original reference we read the death of Mussolini. The record from "Manchester Guardian:"

"April 30, 1945. Mussolini, with her mistress, Clara Petacci, and the twelve members of her Cabinet, were murdered by a part of a village in Lake Como yesterday afternoon, after being arrested by a trying to cross the border of Switzerland in Milan last night A partial knock on my door early in the morning to tell me the news.

"We were thrown into the working-class quarter of Loreto and there were bodies covered with ghastly liberation in the open square under the same corrosion one year later the fifteen people were shot dead by their own nationals.

"The body of Mussolini lies across Petacci, where his dead hand was placed on the brass ensign of the Fascist Arditi, and the rest were the bodies of Farinacci and Starace, two former secretaries of the Fascist parties, and Teruzzo, former Minister of Colonies arrested on the spot and killed by the quorum.

"Mussolini was arrested yesterday at Dongo, Lake Como, driving a car with a uniformed German sack. He sprayed a German car container to avoid observation but was recognized by a Italian Customs guard.

"Some were captured in a nearby village including Pavolini, Barracu, and other lower fist lights in the world that Mussolini had to call in later days to set up his puppet Government.

"This is the first visible example of the lawful liberation of Italian liberation, if not the partisan protecting their leaders. Opinion is expressed this morning in partisan C.-in-C, General Cadorna, son In the past, in this case, he considered the murder to be a good thing, because the fiercest oppression against the Fascists required some happiness. The risk of long trials, as was the case in Rome , thus avoiding. "

Mussolini's beautiful wife said after her death that she had nothing wrong except to run with Clara Petacci.

However, Moose is dead!


P.S. I know that this only gives interest to my beloved daughter-in-law. Other good sources are: http://cidc.library.cornell.edu/DOF/italy/italy.htm and, http://www.euronet.nl/users/wilfried/ww2/mussolin.htm,

© John Taylor Jones, Ph.D. 2005


Ode To Quetzalcoatal [Now in Spanish and English]


Ode to Quetzalcóatl

Great Quetzalcóatl

No one knows his real name, so they are

He was called Quetzalcóatl – feather Serpent

He and his crew of the nineteen: faces

Wonderful faces, images of a prince, a gentleman:

King of Yucatan in 986 AD

He is a tall man; high suits, sandals;

White day, with high beard, black hair.

Some say red: others do not say …

But they called him a priest, Lord, king

Among the many things: god! …

Life in Quetzalcól

Quetzalcóatl, Maya warrior,

God the king of Asteca – flanked

By the serpents; fearful of kings;

The god of the comet carrier

The owner of the crossboard

The serpent of Yucatan, head of

The Poem; wizard – overwhelmed with

A wizard; fled to Cholulla! twenty

In the years he has cultivated his disciples:

"The children of the sun," then …

Then those who love vice and evil,

Following him … restraining his name,

Growing bad seeds; he was tortured

Gems …; declares him the supper:

Cholulla's drunkard!

And so it …

Quetzalcóatl Cortes

War, iron, sword, white chalky face

Yellow hair, bearded – tall bears

They came to Mexico, these Germans

Hernán Cortés – for the treasures (1519 AD)

Riches in Motecuhzoma …

These chalky face-ed-men with bears

If you have gunpowder, cannons, crossbows,

Blowing, iron and lacquer swords for gold,

The gold from Motecuhzoma in Tenochtitlán

The Old City of God

On the shore the ship appeared

Juan de Grijalva; is what ordinary people say

In this floating mountain of the sea-;

Because of unbelief, Motecuhzoma sent two

Of his best men: officers are to be investigated

In torture, Motecuhzoma in Tenochtitlán

Just saying, near the towers –

As he looked from a hill looking

Going down into the green marine sea;

Now the gifts are placed on the feet of Quetzalcól

While Cortés's ships showed-:

& # 39; These strangers, & # 39; exclaimed

Motecuhzoma, who thought it was unique

God Quetzalcóatl returned as foretold

(in Nahua year ce acatl ((1-Reed)).

So came a comet that fell from the sky

As Motecuhzoma sees from her

The Palace of Tenochtitlán, states that

& # 39; This is a sign, in the Holy Quetzalcóatl. & # 39;

It is a war, or subjection to fate.

Motecuhzoma gave them food gifts,

Gold, suborno: so the ships leave,

Go, do not go back to this humid

The Aztec coastal enclave …;

Thus, from his selfishness-greed for gold

Cortes burned his ships, the hope of his mate

… then marched and reached Jalapa

Bring the cannons all the way – across

The boundary of Tlaxcala, a state state

Independent in Motecuhzoma–

Hence, Cortes gave them 'peace.

An ally was asked for Cortes, the

Lives of the Spanish: and the Talxcaltecas;

So, soon after death was followed

The great city of Tenochtitlán …

City of Gods, Cities of the Dead !!

& # 39; Who are these white cruel gods? & # 39;

Asked the Nahuas-

& # 39; These rotten gods from the sea? & # 39;

The decedents of Quetzalcóatl, perhaps?

More corrupt than Motecuhzoma

Going to Cholulla, the ancient city

At Quetzalcóatl, they have a feast

The long beard and the Nahuas;

So, the Nahuas deceived …

Not armed, and roasted like rat meat.

And so Cortes's journey continued

Going to Tenochtitlán, then to the Great

The volcano, to its path, to the city–

Under the Road to the Dead —

Quetzalcóatl ancestors

The people of Cortes, "Quetzalcóatl ancestors"

So the famous ruler Motecuhzoma believes:

He was allowed to be captured by the enemy,

The Ambassadors are cruel, for the benefit

In the prophecy … and so it is …!

Now a prisoner and a pupil of Cortes

Controlled by …

Many are provided by Quetzalcóatl-Cortes

City difficulties Tenochtitlán–

And at the death of the king of Aztec

Motecuhzoma died in a mournful rock,

To his people; Some say, by the knife of Cortes -;

The Aztecs were driven from Tenochtitlán

Success was defeated, the Spanish left-

But to come back another day ….

Note: # 690 5/29/2005

In Spanish

Translated by Nancy Penaloza

Used by Rosa Penaloza

Oda for Quetzalcóatl

However, my lector, he is boasting a histórica investigation.

Quetzalcóatl el Grande

Nadie sabía su verdadero nombre, así ellos

lo llamaban Quetzalcóatl-Serpiente Emplumada

Good progress

Large pictures, photos of a prince, one week:

Rey del Yucatán a year 986 Después de Cristo.

The time of a hombre alto; túnica, sandalias;

Blanco knew, having a barba, a nigger.

We've got the rojo: otros no lo dicen …

But the Sacerdote, Señor, Rey

Entre muchas cosas: ¡dios! …

La vida de Quetzalcóatl

The Quetzalcóatl, guerrero de los Mayas,

God-Reyna de Aztecas-rodeado

Por serpientes; temido por reyes;

El dios del cometa – portador

Poseedor de la cruz de madera …

Serpiente de Yucatán, jefe de

La Tula; Mago conquistado por

Not magician; huyó a ¡Cholulla! dili

a page on a discussion:

"Los hijos del sol," entonces …

The gentlemen,

lo siguieron … conteniendo su nombre,

Plantaron is a little lazy; castraron sus

Virtudes …; declarándolo a él, brujo:

¡El brujo borracho de cholulla!

I gave & # 39; g asi fue ….


Guerra, hierro, sword, caras blancas blanquecinas

Pelo amarillo, larvae barrels.

Ellos vinieron a México, españoles

Hernán Cortés-por tesoros (1519 Después de Cristo)

Los tesoros de Moctezuma …

Estos hombres con cara blanquecina y barbas

Funds, sweet potatoes, ballestas,

The Caballería, headed by a man and a lutia por el oro,

Oro de Moctezuma in Tenochtitlán

La Ciudad Antigua de Dios

The la costa apareció el barco de

Juan de Grijalva; big people

This is a flotante en el mar-;

On seeing, Moctezuma envió dos

My hombres: funcionarios for investigers

Con consternación, Moctezuma de Tenochtitlán

Tenía poco que decir, de las torres cercanas–

Mientras él miró detenidamente hacia abajo de una colina

Abajo y hacia fuera en el mar verde desnudo;

Ahora los regalos fueron puestos a los pies de Quetzalcóatl

Mientras la flota de Cortés apareció–:

"Quiénes son estos forasteros," gritó

Moctezuma, the grande's enormous period

God Quetzalcóatl regresando as a predicate

(en el año Nahua ce acatl ((1-Reed)).

From a cielo cielo

Mientras Moctezuma miró desde su

Palacio en Tenochtitlán, musitó

"Esto es una señal, de Quetzalcóatl el divino."

Esto era guerra, o sumisión al destino.

Moctezuma les dio regalos de alimento,

Oro, sobornó: for barcos in marcharan,

Márchense, come vuelvan a esta costa Azteca húmeda, llena de mosquitos …;

That is, a glotonería-avaricia por el oro

Cortés quemos sus barcos, la esperanza de sus compañeros

… luego se marchó y alcanzó Jalapa

The care of a camel's food – a través

de la frontera de Tlaxcala, una nación-estado

Independiente de Moctezuma-

Ahí, Cortés les ofreció paz.

First assured of Cortés, los

Special pages: and in Tlaxcaltecas;

As such, there must be something unique

de la gran ciudad de Tenochtitlán …

¡¡Ciudad de Dioses, Ciudad de los Muertos !!

"¿Quiénes eran estos dioses blancos kabangis?"

Preguntaron los conmovedores Nahuas–

& # 39; ¿Estos dioses corrompidos del mar? & # 39;

¿Descendientes de Quetzalcóatl, quizás?

Más corruptos que Moctezuma

Trasladándose a Cholulla, la ciudad antigua

De Quetzalcóatl, the teachers of a banquet

Armor and weapons;

That is, Nahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …

Desarmados, and such things.

You broke the Cortés continuo's passage

Hacia Tenochtitlán, passing Gran

Volcán, a su paso, a la ciudad–

bajo la calle de la muerte – el guió

A barbudos sardónicos guerreros!

Descendientes de Quetzalcóatl

Los hombres de Cortes, "Descendientes de Quetzalcóatl"

Eso el gran Jefe Moctezuma creyó:

Acceptance of the enemy,

The ambassadors are their welcome, so is a Profession … and it's a …

Ahora un prisionero y una marioneta de Cortés

Controlling the español …

Quetzalcóatl-Cortés legó muchas

Search for cities in Tenochtitlán–

From Rey Azteca agonizante.

Moctezuma murió por la penalidad de piedra,

De su gente; algunos dicen, por el cuchillo de Cortés–;

Driven by Tenochtitlán losers

People are abused, españoles in the marcharon–

But the regresar otro día ….

Recall: Dennis Siluk, a worldly man in the mysteries of the world, had people who experienced a mysterious personage in Quetzalcól. El estuvo en las grandes ciudades antiguas de Méjico, América Central y Sudamérica; It was written for Sr. For example, an escribir example, especially, during the true Quetzalcóatl for persons all year of the century. Rosa Peñaloza.

Note: # 690 29 de Mayo de 2005


Michael Kiley Most Impressive Performer at the New York Prep Track Championships


Senior Michael Kiley at Chaminade High School traveled on a 3000-meter steeplechase at 9: 13.92 in the 2009 New York State Track & Field Championship Meet to build a new national lead time.

Kiley joined another New York leader who led the country as a winner when senior Shelby Greany in Suffern won the 2000 steeplechase at 6: 36.90. Grean made his nation's first time of 6: 33.7 early in the year.

Another country leader from New York, Benjamin Cardozo High School in the 4 x 400 relay (3: 39.96), will not drop the mark of the state assembly while Hempstead will win 3: 50.59 with Charlene Lipsey, Donna- Lee Hylton, Velma Morant and Asheka Gibson. Lipsey also got 800 at 2: 08.67.

Junior Alex Hatz of Fayetteville-Manlius set a new state record of 4: 06.11 in boys 1600, and Johnson's Senior Jeff Martinez beat Chris Stogsdill in Marcellus to get 3200 at 8: 57.60. From it behind the victory of Hatz; Stogsdill quickly came out and finished fourth at 9: 08.84, John Muller also lost to Arlington (9: 00.60) and Scott Anderson at East Aurora (9: 03.91).

Two more championships in the state are worth watching. Cardozo's Sophomore Chamique Francis set 53.42 out of the 400, and Shenxehoe's 4 x 800 relay team from Danika Simonson, Alex Burtnik, Cara Janeczko and Lizzie Predmore run at 9: 01.00.

Shenendehowa's time is important because only 93 are one-hundredth more than the national leader in the Thompson Valley of Colorado (9: 00.07), and Burtnik is a sophomore and a freshman Predmore.

Megan Ptrignelli at Monroe-Woodbury won at 1500 at 4: 25.65, the third fastest time ever in the country.

There are also two double winners in female competitions. Sophomore Ashley Fields of Amherst won 100 (11.85) and 200 (23.66), and Junior Melissa Kurzdorfer of Lancaster won the shot put (48-03) and discus (158-09). Here are the New York State champions in all the events:

2009 New York State Combined Division Individual Champions – Boys

100-Meter Dash – 10.71 – Anthony Quezada at Sachem North High School.

200 – 21.62 – Mike Abelard at the Rampo.

400 – 48.24 – John Thomas at Sheepshead Bay.

800 – 1: 50.32 – Terrance Livingston in the Great Neck South.

1600 – 4: 06.11 – Alex Hatz at Fayetteville-Manlius (New State Meet Record).

3200 – 8: 57.60 – Jeff Martinez in Johnson City.

110 Hurdles – 14.10 – Brett Harrington at Edison Tech.

400 Hurdles – 52.77 – Will Cole in Hamburg.

4 x 100 Relay – 42.05 – Sheepshead Bay (Richmond Ahadzi, Paul Fyffe, John Thomas and Naquan Alexander).

4 x 400 Relay – 3: 17.17 – Newburgh (Robert Graham, Robert Robinson, Fred Locklary and Randy Patterson).

4 x 800 Relay – 7: 44.46 – Liverpool (Zavon Watkins, Chris Clemons, Alex Wilke and Colin Savage).

3000 Steeplechase – 9: 13.92 – Michael Kiley of Chaminade (New Nation National Period).

High Jump – 6-08 – Eric Fontanez at Hilton.

Long Jump -23-04 – Berfrantz Charles in North Babylon.

Triple Jump – 47-04.25 – Sam Ludgood on Web Schroeder.

Pole Vault – 15-00 – Nick Gerardi in Queensbury.

Put -57-01 – Chris Buck on the Frontier.

Discus – 182-05 – Anthony Thomas of the Holy Trinity.

Pentathlon – 3627 Points – Patric McLauglin on Oneida.

2009 New York State Combined Division Individual Champions – Girls

100 – 11.85 – Ashley Fields at Amherst (Sophomore).

200 – 23.66 – Ashley Fields at Amherst (Sophomore).

400 – 53.42 – Chamique Francis of Cardozo (Sophomore).

800 – 2: 08.67 – Charlene Lipsey at Hempstead.

1500 – 4: 25.65 – Megan Ptrignelli at Monroe-Woodbury (No. 3 Leaders in Nationally).

3000 – 9: 38.66 – Emily Lipari in Roslyn.

100 Hurdles – 13.80 – Madalayne Smith in Saratoga.

400 Hurdles – 1: 01.26 – NaTasha Greggs at Wilson Magnet.

4 x 100 Relay – 47.84 – Elmont (Cherrelle King, Valencia Hannon, Toni-Ann Lawrence and Ashley McCarthy).

4 x 400 Relay – 3: 50.59 – Hempstead (Charlene Lipsey, Donna-Lee Hylton, Velma Morant and Asheka Gibson) – (Benjamin Cardozo Holds National Top Time at 3: 39.96

4 x 800 – 9:01. 00 – Shenendehowa (Danika Simonson, Alex Burtnick, Janeczko and Lizzie Predmore) – (Burtnick is a Sophomore; Predmore is a Freshman).

2000 Steeplechase – 6: 36.90 – Shelby Greany of Suffern (Set in National Record at 6: 33.7 in Leading Season).

High Jump – 5-08 – Sarah Palmer at Schuylerville (Sophomore).

Long Jump – 20-07 – Jennifer Clayton of Suffern.

Triple Jump – 40-05.25 – Olivia Weekend at Notre Dame in Elmira.

Pole Vault – 12-00 – Sydnie Leroy at Port Jervis.

Shot Put – 48-03 – Melissa Kurzdorfer in Lancaster.

Discus – 158-09 – Melissa Kurzdorfer in Lancaster.

Pentathlon – 3319 – Amber Passalaqua in Pine Bush.

Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley


Anne Bradstreet, "To My Loved and Loving Husband," A Discussion


"To My Loved and Loving Husband" was written by the first American pianist, Puritan, Anne Bradstreet. In fact, Anne Bradstreet is just one of the few American American women during the first 200 years of American history. After Bradstreet, Phillis Wheatley, 18th-century black-eyed woman, Emma Lazarus, is the only 19th-century poet to appear in the Statue of Liberty, and the 19th-century Emily Dickinson, the most famous female poet.

"To My Loved and Loving Husband" there are some harmful patterns. One is the two rhyme schemes on the line. The other is the anaphora, the reproduction of a phrase, in the first three lines. And the third is the popular iambic pentameter.

The Iambic pentameter is represented by an unrhymed line with five feet or accents. Each foot consists of an unicorned and an accented silencer, such as "da Dah, da Dah, da Dah, da Dah, da Dah."

Anne Bradstreet's love affair is her love for her husband. He praised him and asked the heavens to repay him for his love. Intentions are a touch of love and affection and are less common to the Puritan period in the Massachusetts Bay Colony where Anne Bradstreet lives.

Puritan women are expected to hide, return, and submit to their husbands. They are not expected or allowed to show their thoughts, charm, intelligence, or love. John Winthrop, the Massachusetts governor, once said that women using intelligence should be discouraged.

Anne Bradstreet was born Anne Dudley in 1612 in England. He married Simon Bradstreet at age 16 and they both sailed with his family to America in 1630. The cold, cold American settlement took 3 months to complete. John Winthrop is also a passenger on the trip. The escalation struck Boston and the passengers joined the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The men in Anne Bradstreet's family are managers and politicians. Her father and her husband became governors of Massachusetts. Her husband, Simon, regularly travels during the week in the colony as her supervisor.

Anne Bradstreet's intentions, "To My Loved and Loving Husband," is a response to her husband's loss.

There is little knowledge about Anne Bradstreet's life in Massachusetts. He has no pictures and he does not even have a graff marker. He and his family moved many times, every time a distance from Boston to the border. Anne and Simon have 8 children in a 10-year period, and all children are safe and healthy, a remarkable success that takes into account the dangers of health and safety in time.

Anne Bradstreet is a very intelligent and extremely educated person. He gave himself serious as an intellectual and a poet, reading wide in history, science, art, and literature. However, as a good Puritan woman, Bradstreet did not make her public appearances.

Bradstreet wrote a plan for himself, his family, and his friends, not really explaining it. Imagine that her friend Anne Hutchinson is an intellectual, educated and leading women meeting in prayer where alternative religious beliefs are discussed. He was called a heresy and was deposed by the colony. Hutchinson died in an attack on India. Is it not surprising that Anne Bradstreet hesitates to proclaim his intention and call attention to himself?

Anne Bradstreet's first intentions revealed her brother-in-law to England and published a small volume when she was 38. The number is well sold in England, but the intentions are not as successful as his later works.

Bradstreet's later writings have not been published during his lifetime. Her plans about her love for her husband are private and personal, meaning sharing with her family and friends.

Despite her frequent health problems, especially during the birth, Anne Bradstreet lived until she was 60 years old.

Enjoy "To My Loved and Loving Husband," a remarkable success.

To My Loved and Loving Husband

If the two were alone, then I'm sure.

If a man loves a wife, then you;

When a husband is happy with a man,

Compile me to women if you can.

I love your love more than all the Mines of gold,

Or all licenses held by the East.

My love is that the Rivers will not quench,

Do not love but love from you, give rewards.

Your love as I can not pay,

The heaven renders many of my prayers.

Then as we live, to love all,

If we do not live, we will live forever.


History of Bedford, Pennsylvania


Bedford, a retired pocket, gave the visitor an experience of life history, which enabled him to walk through the paths that his ancestors had built, studying many important houses and fortifications, and even stayed in the very resort where it went up.

Covered with a halt of hill hills, pastures, and forests, the former border calls for a soul to use the natural property of its creation, as shown by fortifications raised from Harris Ferry on the Susquehanna River east to Logstown on the Ohio River west of the Philippines and India in 1754 to 1763. By marking the widening of the west of Britain as a series of GPS waypoints, they brought names such as Lyttleton, Loudon, Frederick, Raystown / Bedford, Cumberland, Ligonier, Need, and Pitt / Duquesne. Both have two names, however, are the most important development tools in the area.

Where transportation paths meet, settlements often go up, as well as Bedford in the form of a fort built in Britain during the 1758 campaign against the French excavation of Forbes Road, which was once a collection collection on Indian trails. They eventually develop into the first trans-Pennsylvania toll rode artery, conducting horse and carriage transportation.

Colonel Henry Boquet, governor of General John Forbes, built an unformed fort, comprising 7,000 square meters, had five bastions. A four-to-five-foot stretch of three-foot wide, a V-channel around its perimeter fitted with 18 feet long, stretched layers, cut off from the neighborhood of oak trees and laid flat and stretched out, while an impulse movement from the north end of the north to the waterfront. Swivel guns guarded the corners.
Entrance was given to three gates-a prime one on its south side similar to the current Pitt Street; a second, slightly smaller, facing the west; and a north gate.

Bluffed by a bluff facing the river passage, the first designated Fort Raystown served as a postal post for 6,790 soldiers who advanced westward into attacks during their crossing the victorious Allegheny Mountains, but filled with the necessary supplies before they continue to Fort Pitt / Duquesne, French fort.

The British strategy proved successful: their opposition defeated, effectively eliminating the control of English speaking in Ohio Valley and, finally, America.

Contemporary "Fort Bedford" at the end of 1758 after the Fourth Duke of Bedford, Inglaterra, the bastion served the second purpose of providing the safety of Indian attacks, to strengthen people's survival to search for agricultural and seaport hills. Thus, the seed from which the famous village grows extensively, becomes the first seat in the western province of the Tuscarora Mountains and, for a time, all of Western Pennsylvania, located in the intra- state roadway.

Located in 1766, it is included 29 years later, on March 13.

County prosperity, similar to the city, has boosted the discovery of the coal at Broad Top Mountain, raising the metals needed to bring it to iron foundries in the area and started a 100-percent increase in population between 1870 and 1890 alone. Networks were followed, speeding up the iron, timber, and passenger passengers, eventually added, and finally replaced, the Lincoln Highway (Route 30), connecting Bedford to Pittsburgh, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

A short, in-town walking tour on Bedford itself makes the visitor return its history to many important buildings.

For example, the National Museum of the American Coverlet is located at Common School, built in 1859 at $ 7,000 and opened by 211-student enrollment the following year. Operating as a school until it was sold to private interests in 1999, it included an important part of its original structure, including the middle section, ventilation system, and surrounding coral reef.

House Court Court in County Bedford, built by Solomon Filler between 1828 and 1829 of a $ 7,500 amount, both showing originality, especially at the tower's clock, which must be devastating after the power rising until it was electrified in 1975, and two internal, self-supporting, circular stairs leading into the second floor, the portrait-lined courtroom. The frame of the columns that characterized his façade, later donated by Filler himself, represented God in the absence of right justice.

The Human Monument, located at the intersection of the streets of Juliana and Penn, was built in 1890 to honor the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Civil War, which included over 20,000 children in the school took it for it. It was moved to the place now in 1957.

Behind this is the location of the city's first courthouse and prisons, built in the blue shrubs between 1774 and 1775.

One of the most important structures-in fact, in fact, it was chosen as a National Historic Landmark in 1984-was the Espy House. Colonel and Mrs. David Espy, it served as George Washington's hedkwarters during the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion, where Western Pennsylvania farmers opposed the excise tax imposed by Secretary of Treasury Hamilton's alcohol. With the collapse of 13,000 strong Federal Army in Washington, claiming surrounding expanses for its own overnight accommodation, it marks the first and only time that a US president has ordered a army in the plains.

The rigors of the October hubs, the rebels, showed the loss.

The National House, which opened its doors to tired towers as a hotel for almost a lifetime, is located on Forbes Road, now known as "Pitt Street."

Built, like House Court, by Solomon Filler, Anderson House stands on a land acquired from the state named William Penn and used as a medical office in front of it and the Allegheny Bank of Pennsylvania behind it. It served as the only public deposit between Pittsburgh and Chandersburg.

Fort Bedford Museum:

The importance of the original fortress was not long and the place was only a major event in history: trying to release the prisoners there, James Smith and his Black Boys got it on September 17, 1769, but After the Battle of France and India, its garrison was made at a mere 12, and in 1775, when the border moved to Pittsburgh, it was soon moved into a state that was not possible.

To celebrate the bicentennial of Bedford, a stylistic style, composed of timber and chinking, rose from the original fortress 200 years after it was built, in 1958, a bluff which looks at the Raystown Branch in Juniata Suba. A section on the north wall was added in 2006, close to the current Fort Bedford Museum.

Divided into a main gallery, a transportation area, a backyard gallery, a mezzanine, and a gift shop, the blockhouse building inside the Atmospheric New Frontier atmosphere in Western Pennsylvania, showed some of 2,000 artifacts of his collection, including Native American, civilian and military equipment, home appliances, bananas flintlocks, antique hand tools, women's clothing in the 19th century, a Civil War cannon, a Conestoga wagon, a stoneware crock, documents signed by the Penn family, and a Bedford Springs Resort ledger showing President Buchanan's signature.

Its center is a large model of the original fortress that appears on Forbes Road, the Juniata River, and its surrounding area. However, perhaps the most unique piece of collection is an original, 1758 flag. A gift to British forces at Fort Raystown from the Fourth Duke of Bedford in England, the red silk satin damask flag, which sported the 23- by 24-inch union jack canton , on the other hand, changed the name of Bedford to the end of 1758 in his honor. Although there is no evidence that this officer has one of these, hangs at Officer's Quarters and is shown only on special occasions.
However, patriots took it from a British official when freedom from the rule of England, declared as the Declaration of Liberty, traveled through the language to Bedford.

The museum's example is the only known British Red Fly that survives the Battle of the French and Indians.

Bedford Village:

The Fort Bedford Museum only provided a taste for the city yesterday. But more than 40 original and published logs, frames, and structural stones comprising Old Bedford Village make it possible for guests to enter the shoes of old people and walk their way, translating into the first pocket of life in Pennsylvania saved here.

A discharge by Claycomb Covered Bridge and a short Welcome Center will return to him in the early days of Pennsylvania as a colony, where horse-drawn horses are broken in gravel paths, blue paths to dog from the chimney log cabins, people dressed in long-sleeved clothing, and the movable metal sounds from the blacksmith.

The barrio offers many examples of weather conditions. The Biddle House, for example, is a two-story log structure originally built a few miles to the Dutch Corner, and one of the first inside the complex. The V-shaped double fireplace forms heat and a cooking method.

A hybrid house, the next house of Kegg-Blasko House includes the remains of a structure built by Thomas Kinton in 1768 and James Heydon in 1790, located in Bedford County.

A 1802 action indicates the Semanek House in the "timber mansion," which was originally located in the Ryot village of West St. Clair Township. It has now been used as a chestnut chestnut for its construction.

The Williams Cabin is usually the shacks that the first generals lived until the time and establishment that made them build more things, while the different Anderson Victorian House, gathered from Anandale Hotel wood , affirming their so-called Victorian era.

Two schools are represented: the Kniseley School, in standard configuration, was built near Pleasantville in 1869 and used until 1930, while the exact name of 8 Square School, an octagonal building built in 1851 by Nat Hoover on the East St. Clair Township, is believed to be a constant concern for children in rich families.

There are many stores and services where precious people are still in the original way. Ice Cream Parlor includes the construction of the 17th century cottage style and Feather's Bakery, believed to have been founded by William Nichols in 1808, still producing baked goods in its stores such as "Old Bedford Village Bakery, "according to the evidence of the aroma that was released from its open door. The lunch time can also be enjoyed in the dark, wooden booth within the Pendergrass Tavern, whose original contrast lies just outside the fortress of Fort Bedford in 1750.

Other life requirements from the time taken from Chandler (candle), Furry's Basket Shop, Cooper Shop (General Store and Post Office), Old Bedford Village Press, Bedford County Rifles, Carriage Shop, Fisher & # 39; s Pottery, Whitesmith (tin), and the Broom Shop.
Human power spurred all the village machines, as shown by the jigsaw footed pedal laith and the bike-resembling jigsaw of Hemings Furniture and Wood Shop, and of Antonson Blacksmithing, where the tools needed for many others Skills are made, including the shoes needed to run the day-the horse.

The village also carries out the unjust and bad man's nature in the prison, representing the type used before 1800 in a provincial chair, and ensures that his Heavenly Soul does not become the Church's starter Christ, a copy of the 1806 Union Church made of logs and still stands west of Schellsburg.

Educational programs, which utilize rich resources of the village and include the production, teaching, description, and display of the production, teaching, demonstration, and demonstration of Pennsylvania life through quilting, candle cleansing, coopering , blacksmithing, basket making, fraying, wheat pursuit, tin smithing, broom making, making of the Maize Pappouse monkey, and a ride on a series of classes, lectures, and tours. The buffers created in the village are located in the gift shop at the Welcome Center.

The seasons and celebrations marked special events, such as exhibits in colonial objects; festivals with historical customs, costumes, and craft; gunfights with muzzle loading; Civil and French and Indian reenactments; Last weekend ends; killing the mysteries of the night; pumpkinfests; and Old Fashioned Christmases, to see the village rolling candles.

Bedford Springs Resort:

Bedford's numerous home and fortresses make the visitor see its history, but Bedford Springs Resort has made him live.

Although the discovery of original coal at Bedford Fort and Broad Top Mountain attracts people in the area, there is another important draw: mineral spring.

Since 1796, Dr. John Anderson has long been known to the American Americans-drinking and bathing water from the seven chalybeats, lobster, sulfur, and sugar cane in the area have resulted in restoration and curative results . Involving unmanaged medicines in his own medical practice, he chose to purchase 2,200 acres around them and built his own home on it. But his privacy in the area was not good anymore.

Walking in Cumberland, Maryland, and then making the final 21-kilometer journey to Bedford on horseback and wagon, visitors are increasingly on the spot to find curative power tubes, and Dr. Anderson initially entered into these tenteless tents, preparing designated residues based on health requirements. Bathing facilities were made in 1802.

But unpredictable thirsts are urgently requested to replace temporary tents with more permanent and show-place settings – the shape of the Bato Inn four years later, whose building blocks, such as the water, free-of-the-ground mountain ranges and cows-shaded by its sides. Permanently located, it is only temporary to fulfill its purpose, because the number of visitors requesting the demand for it easily breaks its capacity.

According to a travel itinerary written by Joshua Galpin in 1809, when Stone House was incorporated into Crackford and a prelude to the Evitt House, the facilities included a "big house of the house and some small for families-warm and cold pools and a billiard room. "

The Swiss edifice and others have quickly risen from a previously unspecified value.

Due to the increasingly familiarity of comfortable living quarters, food, and activities that emphasize its natural surroundings, it has often attracted visitors from the industrialization of the eastern cities of east, as even in the growing list of rich, distinguished dignitaries. For example, native United States and Pennsylvania president James Buchanan first visited Bedford Springs in 1821 and later spent 40 summer there, dubbing his "Summer White House." In 1848, James K. Polk became one of the ten presidents living there, followed by Taylor, Taft, Polk, Harding, and Eisenhower, with nine judges of the Supreme Court and many actors. Buchanan itself received the first transatlantic cable, sent to Queen Victoria in England, at the resort ten years ago.

The trip to Bedford fell down in 1872 when rail access connected to a large area with powerhouses such as Philadelphia, Washington, and New York for the first time.

Developing one of America's major resorts during the late 19th century, it accurately reflects the golden age with the homes of spring, bridge, gates, and roads, and the transatlantic cables serve first of many innovations For example, it is introduced in one of the first golf courses made by Spencer Oldham, in 1895, and is followed by a decade later than the mineral content, filled with solarium and hydrotherapy areas.

Although medical advances increase the balances away from the original purpose of Bedford Spring, his reputation as a luxurious resort that serves a well-known client is strongly rooted in the place of its creation-in fact, a central colony is now connected to the main dining room with a pavilion column at Magnesia Springs across the Schober's Run.

Its role, which continued to be a delicate touch, moved between 1941 and 1943 when the US Navy, occupying the resort, trained about 7,000 mariners in radio operations, and it served as a detention center for nearly 200 Japanese diplomats captured in Germany during World War II until it was forgiven for American prisoners held in Asia.

Modern influences have been redacted in the 1950s with the installation of environmental control systems and sprinklers.

It is unlikely that popularity struggles with purpose. The migration options moved and, though being designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1984, it continued to decline until it was two years later. The following flood damaged 200 years of ancient wooden walls.

But Bedford Springs Partners, still perceiving its power of luxury, bought a grand dame of assets for $ 8 million, underlined it a $ 120 million recovery to be raised and returned to his 1905 gold cloth and opening the doors on July 12, 2007 after an eighth mineral spring discovered. After a second takeover two years later, it is named "Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa." "

Self-publishing this mission is "opening the door of history."

Located on the Allegheny Mountain region in south-central Pennsylvania, and overlooking the Cumberland Valley, the Bedford Springs Resort is accessed by throwing a small, back-to-back hill into a protected sanctuary in time, and then passing through white, porch-gilinya the façade of a large mansion. Negotiating the lawn mounds and formal gardens among the tunnels of streams and springs, the visitor enters the surrounding road, approaching the dual-story, brick, ante-bellum Colonnade. Aside from a National Historic Landmark, the resort is the two Triple-A with four diamond properties and is home to one of the Historic Hotels of America.

Serving as the center of connecting to mixed adjacent building styles, the Colonnade itself provides guest reception decorated with an original, 39-star American flag; the lobby; the place of day, afternoon tea service; and the staircase goes to the ballroom. One of his wings goes to the Stone Inn with the Frontier Tavern and 1796 Room restaurants, while the other leading the Crystal Room Restaurant, through the library, over the snack stand at Che Sara Sara, the indoor pool, and the spa corridor.

The 216 rooms and four resort lights, located in the Historic or new Spa Wing, are preserved in history and tradition, but provide modern luxury, with true patterns and fabrics, marble floor and vanity their bathroom, Egyptian linens, and real, They are reminded walking staffs.

There are many restaurants.

For example, Crystal Room used to be the Music Room and is also used as Ladies & # 39; Parlor. Replaced in 1905 during the grand resort campaign, it replaced a sufficient number of facilities above, which once became the Colonnade Ballroom. Bringing a screen of classic Doric pillars on either side, it carries the original chandeliers; gilt-framed mirrors; Victorian, backseat; four colors in blue; a rotisserie; an exhibit kitchen; a wine cellar of 1,500 bottles; and a collection of guest pictures taken between 1892 and 1898. It was opened to the private Daniel Webster Room.

The Frontier Tavern, located in the Stone Inn section of the hotel, is a stagecoach stop where the first visitors to Bedford Spring were transported to the original three-kilometer-long house for supper. Adornment of weather artifacts, such as bead rugs, tools, a wood stove, and various spices, it also has a bar and a billiard table.

The 1796 Room, also located in the Bato Inn section, shows the year Dr. John Anderson first bought Bedford Springs property and displayed the 18th-century atmosphere with steak-and-chops, the American colonial menu, which included options such as bison, beef, rabbit, pork wild bean, quail, game pie, and trout farm.

The mineral tubing watered by the fountain, back in 1905's appearance, promotes the orchestra's gravestone where visitors are celebrated over a century ago.

The 30,000-square-foot Springs Eternal Spa includes wet and dry treatment rooms, aromatherapy, massages, facials, a garden, and a boutique, with the actual mineral water pond used for all treatments .

The conference center is one-half the size of it, at 20,000 square feet.

The 18-hole, "Old Course" -an golf course design, shown in 1923, Donald Ross is a rendition, is the third creation after Spencer Oldham in 1895 and the intermittent, nine holes, AW Tillinghast version of 1912.

Aside from golf, Bedford Springs Resort provides many activities, including indoor and outdoor swimming, hiking and biking for 25 miles of trails, fishing in a trout stream with gold, kayaks, river rafting, and skiing throughout the country, and host many activities, from reunions to weddings and chariot weddings.


Triquatrain Ug Pantoum Poetry


The ghostly ship (fantasy)

At the top of the blue sky, the red wonders of the sun's light
Pass through here and there the painful stance that moves it.
Talking to the Southern Bight, they seem to come at night,
Making the sea as powerful and as blue as a glorious one.

The waves of the sea that broke, the moon's bright light shone through Ness
And it does not interfere with the waves of painful digestion in the universe.
The moon's murmur, endless, seashells with difficulties.
The stars are the tears of heaven, their light actually returned.

In the borders, from another life, a ship is seen
To reach events like the ghost moon on the shores.
The past collapsed its fears into unheard of music in places.
We visited that illusory ship and you are mine.



Triquatrain form was created by Robert L. Huntsman. It is a quatrain of tri-rhyme with a specific rhyming pattern (see below). Line 1 and 3 have internal rhyme while lines 2 and 4 are missing.

Function Policy:

(a, a) b (c, c) b

(d, d) e (f, f) e

(g, g) h (i, i) h

My intention is to have Rhyme Pattern:

(a, a) b (a, a) b

(c, c) d (c, c) d

(e, e) f (e, e) f

The samin

Human principles

Mirrored images
Magic imago,

Mirrored minds
No moral code,

Thinking mirrors
Imago of hungry souls,

Awakened souls
There is no cure,

Walls on graffiti
Magic in the mirror
Various secret codes,

The loss of the value
The damage to the image,
Anarchy is imminent

Human principles.

The Dance of the Summer (Pantoum)

The summer hair ribbon still passes through the blue rain
As the green serpents dance the tune of jazz flutes.
Rugged mufflers are making waves of bumblebee singing singles duets,
The summer will make fun of the red rose green and green fruits.

As the green serpents dance the tune of jazz flutes
The winter ended its path over the meadow, with a green dream.
The summer will make fun of red velvety pink and green fruit,
The moon spun the back of the coral in the cloud, as a queen.

The winter ended its path over the meadow, with a green dream
To the sky of autumn with puffs of cotton clouds and light shining.
The moon spun the back of the coral in the cloud, as a queen.
And the dance of green sprites is visible throughout the scene.

To the winter sky with puffs of clouds of light and light,
Rugged mufflers form the bumblebee hair bands singing duets in vain.
And the dance of green sprites is visible throughout the scene.
The summer hair ribbon still passes through the blue rain.


Tagore & # 39; s & # 39; Chainless Mind & # 39;


Rabindranath Tagore (aka Gurudev) was the first poet in the Indian literary canon awarded to the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915 for collecting his plans, GITANJALI- (Praying Predictive Songs). Tagore, a real Indian and patriot who fed her Mother and her spiritual heritage, proud of her land, her people, her mountains and rivers and her famous past.

His inner feelings from his intentions, & # 39; the songs of the ship & # 39; and the genre of music known as Rabindra Sangeet, which he denied. Tagore is a contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi who praised him as a & # 39; world poet and humanist & # 39; … The famous Scottish Irishman W.B.Yeats in his introduction to the volume says that "this number has lifted my blood as nothing else for years". He also noted that Tagore's plans were not only appreciated by the scholars "but they were sang for the peasants".

Tagore's Where the Mind is Without Fear is an inspirational prose-poem & # 39; shining and singing & # 39 ;. It is a manifesto, a prayer. It is a sermon and a call to awakening. It's all and more. In this plan of elaborate lines, Tagore meets his recipe for freedom and uses some clear metaphors that add meaning to meaning. He wants India to go out of his long sleep to meet the challenges ahead and realize his hopes and potentials. The opening line is a gold compass where a searcher after the great Freedom cause should be guided by his path. Freedom of thought is the final boundary to be first, as weighted.

& # 39; A thoughtful mind capable of thinking & # 39; said Cowper, do not be afraid. Did Tagore say such a thought or a negative thought struck by the no-name demons? Tagore saw the fear as a locked padlock His vision was shown by the words of Franklin Roosevelt who said "I will make my strong faith that the only thing we fear is the fear itself. necessary efforts to revive advancement ". Tagore points out a sentiment closer to what Byron calls "the eternal spirit of unimaginable thoughts" …

As a man with strong faith in the construction of India despite its diversity, Tagore seems to encourage his countrymen to stand up as a nation of unity, because fragmentation of caste, creed, language and ideology created the & # 39; narrow walls & # 39; which weaken the garment of the nation whose power is different .. A world of no artificial borders is its dream.

His message to his neighbors, who was enslaved by Britain, was fulfilling

some & # 39; head hold & # 39; – proud of their country's history and rich heritage and philosophy, and no end.

Tagore emphasizes that knowledge, which is power, must be free and unregulated. Understanding leads to the lack of relevance and advancement in modern science, technology and art, which is essential for economic growth. India cone. is to carry her part in the new dynamics of coming.

& # 39; If the words come from the depths of truth & # 39 ;, he says. The truth is not an easy step that can be changed. It is a high hill. This line of action is found in the post-Independence Indies motto of Satyameva Jayate (Truth Alone Conquers / Prevails)

Tagore looks at an Indian where the 'endless effort lifts his arms to the end & # 39; .. The unique symbol brought before our minds, arms unfolding to achieve the golden goal of perfection – endless effort to become better and better.

Tagore also lives in a & # 39; clear reason for reasoning, and & # 39; wide-ranging mind and action & # 39 ;. He emphasizes the connotation of mind and heart, mind and action, – to make new ways to win the ends of the mind. He does not want his country to be weak in the 'dreary desert sand of dead habit' ". & # 39; The behavior & # 39 ;, in Wordsworth's wordsworth & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

Tagore's message is that the mental illusion kills the spirit. Each Tagore line focuses on the eyes and minds of a word or idea. He wants the mind to be what the publisher calls & # 39; a perfect fare for all thoughts & # 39 ;. Thoughts go the way, it is his vision.

The last line of this plan. saying to & # 39; To heaven in liberty, my Father, let my nation & # 39; which covers the fullness of his dream for India. To Tagore freedom is a paradise, where he places the pillars of the guide.

When Tagore concluded the intention of the word HEART & # 39 ;, he urged before our eyes. the image of a lion, which is India, which goes from sleep, shakes its skins and prepares for a forehead; a Gulliver who breaks the bands of Lilliputians It is worthwhile that Tagore should address this prayer to 'My Father', which means God whose blessings he sought and needed by one You are a nation of many religions.

India was released on August 15, 1947.


Gulzar (Wizard Of Meetings)


Melodious strains in & # 39; Dil dhoondta hai, Phir wohi fursat to raat din & # 39; filled with air and the name always to be remembered is Gulzar. Aside from an attractive writer and a rude reader the first thing that records my mind about Gulzar is his brand clear white mantle and mojis gold. For a long time I discovered that a great-looking filmmaker dressed Kurtas, in the last three decades, from Ashok Tailor in Santacruz. Gulzar was 14 when he went to Mumbai to experience a new incident in his life that soon became a discovery discourse.

Long Life

Sampooran Singh Kalra is best known by his pen name Gulzar born on August 18, 1936 in a Sikh family of Sardar Makhan Singh Kalra and Sujaan Kaur in Dina (now in Pakistan). The family had to go through many conflicts of thought during the division and eventually moved to Amristar. Gulzar, a happy reading of literature and literature always loves to meet authors whose books he has read and it gives him great motivation. He is very clear and determined to be a poet or a writer. He was surprised to find that he had made a rubber stamp on his behalf and stamped it in a book so he could easily understand how to look at his book as a bookwriter. Her family in the opinion that she should be a Chartered Accountant. When his father discovered the ambition of his son, he became discouraged to become a writer who said, "As a writer you must rely on your brothers throughout your life ". Such sultry commentaries make almost no difference in his burning desire to write as a full time career. One day while traveling from Delhi to Mumbai to Frontier Mail he went to Mumbai Central Railway Station. While Mumbai Gulzar joined Khalsa College but spent only one year there because the college did not provide Urdu and Persian literature. The following year he moved his base to Bandra's National College, giving these two subjects his desires and interests. His initial few years in Mumbai are difficult and he needs to face many difficulties. He worked on Vichare Motors as a spray artist for everyone's satisfaction. Although some of her friends are connected to the film industry, writing for the film is the final thought point of Gulzar.

At home Gulzar is considered to be black sheep in the family. They consider writing as a complete waste of time without giving financial stability. He was always given an example of a relative, a poet popular in his circle but never made money and always owed money from others. He was called by the "Nikamma" and "Anpadh" relatives. One day, when his older brother started the same topic Gulzar, very sad, recalls, "One day your children will read my books". He went to his brother's house and stayed at the Four Bungalows who shared the room with Debu Sen, a famous Bengali-language journalist who worked with the lead filmmaker Bimal Roy.

Man So Many

Gulzar holds the reputation of a person with many identities. An extraordinary publisher, a filmmaker, writer and dialogue writer, prominent author and an award-winning lyricist. Her collaboration with Sachin Dev Burman in Bandini kick started her career as a songwriter that continues to date. The song Mora looks like the song, many more songs that are thankful and thanked by songs like films, Sannaata, Do Dooni Chaar, Biwi Aur Makaan, Khamoshi, Guddi, Anand. If he won awards and critical praise for writing discussions on films such as Anand and Namak Haram he also brought films such as Mere Apne, Koshish, Parichay, Mausam, Kinara, Khushboo, Angoor, Namkeen and Ijaazat have received advancements.

His association with the composer R D Burman was found to be the most fruitful. Together they created a seafront and released many points of interest to date. Even if it is "Musafir hoon yaaron", "Tere Bina Zindagi se", "Tum Aa Gaye Ho", "Mod Se Jate Hain", "Aanewala pal", "Tere bina jiya jaye na", "O majhi re" "It's a kite," "Roz roz aakhon tale", "Mera kuch samaan" or "Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi", each one is a timeless character that has a unique Gulzarish feel. Another sign of Gulzar's talent is that he adapts compositions and music in recent times. Nowadays in the social media one has seen a change in the music's fast-changing and grammatical writing songs. But Gulzar accepted this change and chartbusters such as "Chaiyya chaiyya", "Beedi jalaile", "Kajra re", "Jai ho" or "Dhan te nan".

He was given Padma Bhushan in 2004 for his contribution to the art and Sahitya Academy Awards in 2002. Gulzar won several National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards. In 2009, he won the Academy Award for "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire, who later continued to win the Grammy Award. Adding his love for music and writing songs said to the veteran, "Music has a natural place in our lives. From the shlokas you will recite in your morning puja and the milkman to come lament his cycle, into the fakir song as he pleads for the alms and your mother's roar while doing kitchen works.The music fills our spaces naturally. "

Do not Look For My Meetings

Because this ancestry is his home or office the place that remains dear to him is his desk and chair around him with books of books and papers. He loves to start early in the morning with yoga and will play tennis at Bandra Gymkhana. Reading the morning every day was obligatory for him as his tea cup. At 10:30 am he started his day in his office. The Gulzar learned to read many books one time and disciplined to return them to the shelves only after completing the reading.

He admitted he could not finish his intermediate level (12th grade) because of various things and had to go to Mumbai to find a job. Now, things change are also the expectations of parents. Parents should spend more time with their children and help them understand that academic failure is not the end of the world. He is very useful and alert to the words he uses and does not allow even a word of his lyrics to change. There were many occasions when he opted out of the project when he was uncomfortable with the words he requested in writing or writing. He firmly admits that "that's not my job, I do not." In its simplicity it is his deep view that brings the best of this Wizard of Words called Gulzar.


The Game of Draw Poker – A Brief History


In many ways, the game illustrates the hot bone bones of the American spirit that has been launching a recent movement from the Mississippi River in 1800. The boundary life is a violent, dangerous and risky pioneer – pioneers literally gambling their lives every day. With both living in the west and in the draw poker a person needs to be well-versed in what he does and think of the luck to smile on him. He needs to watch over his enemies and sometimes lose his way in a situation. The consequences of his actions can be beneficial or he will lose everything, sometimes even his life. Drawing poker is a natural choice for western American people who are used to protecting everything.

The game is the result of an evolution process that began when the poker was first made in America in the early part of the nineteenth century. When and where it first exchanged a continual debate among historians, as well as the origin of the game. Some reminders illustrate the play line of a French game called "poque" or possibly a German game known as "pochspiel." British historians say that the game is a direct descendant of the English drama "Pride." Other analysts say that poker progressed from a 16-year Persian card game called "as nas" that was announced with a baynte five card with five suites and had Signs similar to five-card stud poker. Because the exact documentation of early poker history is not impossible to know its start can be a mystery.

Poker is believed to have begun in America during the early 1800's, perhaps in New Orleans. From there lies the rivers of Mississippi and Ohio in commercial traffic in the boat. Then train and railroad trains along the western border, poker continues to be popular with the first adventurers. An English actor, Joseph Crowell, records a poker watch hosted by the riverboats in his journal in 1829 and later in his 1844 book, Thirty Years of Engage in England and America Players. A modified gambler named Jonathan H. Green wrote about early poker in his book, Discovering Arts and Gambling Matters published in 1843. Both people described an early poker version that was spiked with a twenty-deck card (A-K-Q-J-10). Each of the four players were given five cards and stacks placed on five original cards without being charged or picked up. When the owner of the best hand won the pot – a pair of pairs, two pairs, a triplets, a full house (one pair and a triple), and four of a kind. Due to the limitations of a 20 deck card with only one stroke level before the winner is declared and it makes the more difficult maneuver.

When the game went off it moved to a tray of two card decks and then to the standard "French deck" of fifty and two cards. One in the middle of 1830 the combinations and flushes were identified as subdued hands. A few years later the poker was born and started making the stages of the gambling hall in the west. The first draw draw draws in the American edition of Bohn's New Handbook of Games in 1850. In the same year, wild cards were introduced in poker play.

With these poker enhancements and another version known as stud poker became card games sold by soldiers in two parts of the Civil War. Previously known as "stud horse" poker, the game has been bombarded with campfire in the middle of the battles and a close rival to poker popularity. Both versions are good for cutting but stud poker, you are not allowed to draw or drop cards. Instead, some of the cards are presented and others are playing the game so each one knows some of the cards held by each player. The flick occurs after each new face of the card is facing and after facing the final face of the card. The first mention of stud poker showed in American Hoyle in 1864.

With poker drawing all the cards are drawn to the players and after all the cards that have been made there is a stack of stakes. Then players can eliminate any number of cards and receive the same amount of cards from the seller. When all the players have finished their hand there is another round of stakes before the winner has announced. Shortly afterwards, in 1870, jackpot poker was introduced to an endeavor to prevent drunks from poor hands that could not carry a pot impossible. In this version, players are required to have jacks or better at the opening of the bet. If a player does not qualify for a minimum play, they need to get involved and lose their lead.

The first recorded clause of rules for drawing draw poker took place when Robert C. Scheneck, an ambassador to the United States of Great Britain, introduced the drama to members of Queen Victoria's court at a party in 1872. Surprised by the new game being asked by the nobles Scheneck wrote the rules of the game so they could play the game after he returned to America. He assured him that his written rules of play were printed on the queen's stick for future parties. Shortly after, without his permission or the court of the queen, his clause of rules was published as a small booklet and sold to the masses. allowed, A pathway to treasure: Game of Draw Poker taught in the English Aristocracy, the pamphlet is a big hit by British people who often call the game as "Scheneck's poker." Scheneck, who has been a general under President Lincoln, is embarrassed by the public's release of his rules that he guaranteed to be used privately in the court of the queen.

John W. Keller, an American, includes Scheneck's rules for draw poker in his own book, The Game of Draw Poker, published in 1887. Additionally, he used a part of a letter written by Scheneck to a friend of politic Thomas L. Young; to illustrate how the ambassador made no party to publish the first set of rules for the game.

Keller's book provides a more detailed account of the rules and games of the game as well as a section of progressive poker, which he described as "The latest development of draw poker … and undoubtedly produces with the advancement of the progressive euchre. "Keller's comments differ, progressive poker has never gained the attention of American gamblers and its game is soon lost from the playground.

Throughout the book, Keller speaks of a famous mathematician, "Dr. Pole" who gives the impression and difference in poker hands. At the end of the book, he pole the Pole's calculations in series of table provisions, which stand in the test of time. According to Dr. Poe, has a unique 2,598,960 possible draw poker hands.

Since the publication of Keller's book in 1887, there are many books printed on draw poker's subjects but are small as clear and consistent with the rules and strategy of the game. His wise advice is to "Learn your enemies very well, see the game better, patience and peace of prosperity," as well as to emphasize the ancient gambler known "when – it will happen.

Poker Timeline:

1839 – Comedy English comedian Joseph Crowell writes about a poker game steered by steamboat Helen M, Gregor, bound to New Orleans. He described a game called poker that was played by four players who use 20 cards (A, K, Q, J, 10) with a round of betting – the highest hand obtained. In his book, Thirty Years of Engage in England and America Players (1844), Crowell said the game was invented by American politician, Henry Clay. The game was played in Britain, boasting.

1834 – Jonathan H. Green, a professional guitarist who has become a reformer, writes about a "fraud" poker called Mississippi riverboats in his book titled, Discovering Arts and Gambling Matters.

1836 – J. Hildreth writes about poker in his book, Dragoon Campaigns in the Rocky Mountains.

1837 – The 52-card deck uses poker. Adding stones and flushes.

1845 – Poker was first mentioned in an American edition of Hoyle Games. (The gold standard for card games) by Henry F. Anners.

1850 – First drawing on drawing poker in the American edition of Bohn's New Handbook of Games.

1850 – Poker's wild cards.

1861 – 1866 – During Civil War, soldiers and others make stud and draw poker the most popular form of the game.

1864 – First stud-stud's "stud-horse" poker American Hoyle in 1864.

1872 – Robert C. Scheneck, the US minister to Great Britain declares the draw poker drama to Queen Victoria court members in a royal party. He was asked to write the rules of the game and later became a small booklet. The booklet was published that he did not authorize and called, A pathway to treasure: Game of Draw poker as taught in English aristocracy. Scheneck was a generals army under President Lincoln.

1870 – Jackpot poker (jacks or better opening) is introduced to prevent drunks from losing a hand from being drawn to the impossible pottery.

1875 – The joker (an invention in Europe) is characterized by a game as a wild card.