Gulzar (Wizard Of Meetings)


Melodious strains in & # 39; Dil dhoondta hai, Phir wohi fursat to raat din & # 39; filled with air and the name always to be remembered is Gulzar. Aside from an attractive writer and a rude reader the first thing that records my mind about Gulzar is his brand clear white mantle and mojis gold. For a long time I discovered that a great-looking filmmaker dressed Kurtas, in the last three decades, from Ashok Tailor in Santacruz. Gulzar was 14 when he went to Mumbai to experience a new incident in his life that soon became a discovery discourse.

Long Life

Sampooran Singh Kalra is best known by his pen name Gulzar born on August 18, 1936 in a Sikh family of Sardar Makhan Singh Kalra and Sujaan Kaur in Dina (now in Pakistan). The family had to go through many conflicts of thought during the division and eventually moved to Amristar. Gulzar, a happy reading of literature and literature always loves to meet authors whose books he has read and it gives him great motivation. He is very clear and determined to be a poet or a writer. He was surprised to find that he had made a rubber stamp on his behalf and stamped it in a book so he could easily understand how to look at his book as a bookwriter. Her family in the opinion that she should be a Chartered Accountant. When his father discovered the ambition of his son, he became discouraged to become a writer who said, "As a writer you must rely on your brothers throughout your life ". Such sultry commentaries make almost no difference in his burning desire to write as a full time career. One day while traveling from Delhi to Mumbai to Frontier Mail he went to Mumbai Central Railway Station. While Mumbai Gulzar joined Khalsa College but spent only one year there because the college did not provide Urdu and Persian literature. The following year he moved his base to Bandra's National College, giving these two subjects his desires and interests. His initial few years in Mumbai are difficult and he needs to face many difficulties. He worked on Vichare Motors as a spray artist for everyone's satisfaction. Although some of her friends are connected to the film industry, writing for the film is the final thought point of Gulzar.

At home Gulzar is considered to be black sheep in the family. They consider writing as a complete waste of time without giving financial stability. He was always given an example of a relative, a poet popular in his circle but never made money and always owed money from others. He was called by the "Nikamma" and "Anpadh" relatives. One day, when his older brother started the same topic Gulzar, very sad, recalls, "One day your children will read my books". He went to his brother's house and stayed at the Four Bungalows who shared the room with Debu Sen, a famous Bengali-language journalist who worked with the lead filmmaker Bimal Roy.

Man So Many

Gulzar holds the reputation of a person with many identities. An extraordinary publisher, a filmmaker, writer and dialogue writer, prominent author and an award-winning lyricist. Her collaboration with Sachin Dev Burman in Bandini kick started her career as a songwriter that continues to date. The song Mora looks like the song, many more songs that are thankful and thanked by songs like films, Sannaata, Do Dooni Chaar, Biwi Aur Makaan, Khamoshi, Guddi, Anand. If he won awards and critical praise for writing discussions on films such as Anand and Namak Haram he also brought films such as Mere Apne, Koshish, Parichay, Mausam, Kinara, Khushboo, Angoor, Namkeen and Ijaazat have received advancements.

His association with the composer R D Burman was found to be the most fruitful. Together they created a seafront and released many points of interest to date. Even if it is "Musafir hoon yaaron", "Tere Bina Zindagi se", "Tum Aa Gaye Ho", "Mod Se Jate Hain", "Aanewala pal", "Tere bina jiya jaye na", "O majhi re" "It's a kite," "Roz roz aakhon tale", "Mera kuch samaan" or "Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi", each one is a timeless character that has a unique Gulzarish feel. Another sign of Gulzar's talent is that he adapts compositions and music in recent times. Nowadays in the social media one has seen a change in the music's fast-changing and grammatical writing songs. But Gulzar accepted this change and chartbusters such as "Chaiyya chaiyya", "Beedi jalaile", "Kajra re", "Jai ho" or "Dhan te nan".

He was given Padma Bhushan in 2004 for his contribution to the art and Sahitya Academy Awards in 2002. Gulzar won several National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards. In 2009, he won the Academy Award for "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire, who later continued to win the Grammy Award. Adding his love for music and writing songs said to the veteran, "Music has a natural place in our lives. From the shlokas you will recite in your morning puja and the milkman to come lament his cycle, into the fakir song as he pleads for the alms and your mother's roar while doing kitchen works.The music fills our spaces naturally. "

Do not Look For My Meetings

Because this ancestry is his home or office the place that remains dear to him is his desk and chair around him with books of books and papers. He loves to start early in the morning with yoga and will play tennis at Bandra Gymkhana. Reading the morning every day was obligatory for him as his tea cup. At 10:30 am he started his day in his office. The Gulzar learned to read many books one time and disciplined to return them to the shelves only after completing the reading.

He admitted he could not finish his intermediate level (12th grade) because of various things and had to go to Mumbai to find a job. Now, things change are also the expectations of parents. Parents should spend more time with their children and help them understand that academic failure is not the end of the world. He is very useful and alert to the words he uses and does not allow even a word of his lyrics to change. There were many occasions when he opted out of the project when he was uncomfortable with the words he requested in writing or writing. He firmly admits that "that's not my job, I do not." In its simplicity it is his deep view that brings the best of this Wizard of Words called Gulzar.