El Duce or How I Hate Mussolini


First, this article is not my idea. My daughter-in-law recommended it. I said, "L, give me two article ideas." He thought of the way he did all the time and finally said, "You know, I want to know about Mussolini."

The reason he wanted to know about El Duce was that he did not know about him in his youth, but he was behind his mind. "I want to know more about him," he said.

Of course, I know all the important things about Mussolini as I know all the important things about Tojo and Hitler.

I read all the best books about Hitler but it does not have a bit of a brain in the "Who's There."

In 1939 during the German troops invaded Poland, I remember walking with my older Brother, A, and his friends. It was a hot fall in the night and the moon was finished and what they said was afraid of me being drunk of death. And when looking at a church skit (the center of our culture), the place of storm troops coming home with small children, threatening them with bayonets, and taking their books and burned it, I knew that Hitler was a bad man. (The books are all for me. I live in the library.)

Now we look. In 1939, I was seven years old.

I learned about Japan on December 7, 1941. Hearing that our navy was almost completely destroyed by Pearl Harbor, my cousin and I was hoping to see Japan's plane over the blue sky above at any minute. Hurry!

I am now almost ten years old. That's what I first heard the name, Tojo. He is in all the cartoons. We've learned Tojo's hatred. We regret all that happened in the Pacific of Tojo.

Recently I read a book about Tojo and his trials after the Second World War. I believe we are not guilty of it because of all the fierce warfare. Tojo told the tribunal that we had to attack the commanders in the plains. However, he was killed as he remained a great source of historical information. He is the only bad man left. He is not a threat to anyone and a perfect man. I think he did not brag about the tribunal, just me.


In the forest we all know "Moose," "El Duce," Mussolini. He was the bullock in a uniformed color that always shot his mouth. Like Hitler, he was a corporation during the Second World War I. Hitler recovered him well and rescued him from partisan, but at the end of World War II he was eventually shot and hanged to the piazza in Milan. (I was there a few years back. One man moved the bodies.)

You can find out about Mussolini's early life at: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/2WWmussolini.htm.

I quoted: "Benito Mussolini was born in Forli, Italy in 1883. After working as a teacher, Mussolini fled to Switzerland in 1902 in an effort to avoid military service.

"Mussolini returned to Italy in 1904 and has spent ten years working as a journalist and became editor of" Avanti. "Mussolini was active in socialist movements but moved right in 1914 when the Italian government failed to support the Triple Alliance. In 1915 Mussolini escaped from the Socialist Party when it supported support for allies in the First World War.

"When Italy entered the war, Mussolini served the Italian Army and soon reached the rank of corporal. After he was in pain he returned to Milan to replace" Il Popolo d & # 39; Italia "in the right hand. at the Paris Peace Conference. "

(For those of you who want to know such things, Triple Alliance is a defense force over Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary.)

Benito Mussolini invaded areas throughout Africa. (He used the mustard gas of home guards, the only leader to use gas during the war.) He was stopped by the British. Despite entering Germany into the African campaign, the British, with assistance from General Eisenhower, won.

Allies want Mussolini to be completely out of the war so they can go to Sicily. It has helped lower the sufferings of Soviet troops and provides a base for the growth of Italy.

Listen! This is what Mussolini said in 1929:

"In the creation of a new authoritarian state but not absolutist, hierarchical and organic – that is, open to people of all kinds, its categories and interests – lies the great revolutionary originality in Fascism , and a teaching may be for the whole modern world that transcends State and individual authority, between the State and the anti-State. As with other revolutions, the fascist revolution has a great development but it is not enough It is not a revolution: it is only a necessary instrument of a determined part of the revolution. "

As children, we believe that Mussolini is a concubine, a great fat. We also have a lot of comedy about the Italian army. We do not think they are a group of warriors. There are various aspects of Italian parties. They knew that Mussolini was a wicked violent man who brought misfortune to thousands of people.

They went to secure him.

By using our original reference we read the death of Mussolini. The record from "Manchester Guardian:"

"April 30, 1945. Mussolini, with her mistress, Clara Petacci, and the twelve members of her Cabinet, were murdered by a part of a village in Lake Como yesterday afternoon, after being arrested by a trying to cross the border of Switzerland in Milan last night A partial knock on my door early in the morning to tell me the news.

"We were thrown into the working-class quarter of Loreto and there were bodies covered with ghastly liberation in the open square under the same corrosion one year later the fifteen people were shot dead by their own nationals.

"The body of Mussolini lies across Petacci, where his dead hand was placed on the brass ensign of the Fascist Arditi, and the rest were the bodies of Farinacci and Starace, two former secretaries of the Fascist parties, and Teruzzo, former Minister of Colonies arrested on the spot and killed by the quorum.

"Mussolini was arrested yesterday at Dongo, Lake Como, driving a car with a uniformed German sack. He sprayed a German car container to avoid observation but was recognized by a Italian Customs guard.

"Some were captured in a nearby village including Pavolini, Barracu, and other lower fist lights in the world that Mussolini had to call in later days to set up his puppet Government.

"This is the first visible example of the lawful liberation of Italian liberation, if not the partisan protecting their leaders. Opinion is expressed this morning in partisan C.-in-C, General Cadorna, son In the past, in this case, he considered the murder to be a good thing, because the fiercest oppression against the Fascists required some happiness. The risk of long trials, as was the case in Rome , thus avoiding. "

Mussolini's beautiful wife said after her death that she had nothing wrong except to run with Clara Petacci.

However, Moose is dead!


P.S. I know that this only gives interest to my beloved daughter-in-law. Other good sources are: http://cidc.library.cornell.edu/DOF/italy/italy.htm and, http://www.euronet.nl/users/wilfried/ww2/mussolin.htm,

© John Taylor Jones, Ph.D. 2005