Gone with the Wind


Margaret Mitchell classic Gone with the Wind won the hearts of fans around the world. The classic story of romance and tragedy is widely believed to be one of the greatest literary works of our time, so it is not surprising that some fans cannot get enough. Many fans want to get a little closer to the characters and scenes from the novel, thankfully they can.

It is often said that Mitchell’s story was based on a true story. In a letter apparently written by Mitchell in 1936 she claimed that all incidents in the book are correct. This only increased the fans ’desire to see the places in the book and learn more about the characters in it.

Tour went with the wind in Jonesboro, Georgia in the United States. Your tour guide will help you get into the spirit of things by wearing a full dress and reminding you of some of the most popular seasons while traveling.

Tours are held at one in the afternoon every day and take some of the most famous places in the book. It lasts about three hours. You will visit Mr. Kennedy Store, Margaret Mitchell and Shanty Town. You will also get to know the true identity of Melanie Hamilton, Prissy, George and Ellen O’Hara plus a lot more. The tour also includes entry to the Road to Tara Museum, the largest gold museum with the Wind Museum in the world.

If you can’t resist getting a little closer to Scarlett O’Hara and want an opportunity to relive some events in her life, be sure to check out the Gone with the Wind tour.