Summer refugee – Shimla


The state capital is blessed with countless gifts. Surrounded by seven hills with stunning views from all sides, Shimla tourism is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility among the noble Himalayan peaks. The Himalayan winds make Shimla temperature between -7 ° C to 10 ° C in winter with snowfall in December to 16 ° C to 25 ° C in summer with little rain. The weather all year round is pleasant, and every season has its charm. In winter, Shimla attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy snowfall and acts as an escape from the scorching heat in summer.

The most popular tourist attraction is the mall, which includes a full chain of restaurants, shopping methods for items such as handicrafts, pashmina shawls, wood and metal works, carpets and others. The Lacar Bazaar and the Tibetan Bazaar are also among the popular tourist destinations during Shimla travel. Religious tourists can honor them in various temples, such as Jakhu Temple, Sankat Mochan, and Kali Bari, which also offer panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. Shimla has managed over the years to retain its colonial charm, so one can visit churches built during the British era, The Viceregal Lodge & Botanical Gardens on Observatory Hill, or simply walk across Ridge.

Shimla is located in the Hefalik chain in the Himalayas with a range of low hills to giant mountains, which offers adventurous tourists a number of outdoor activities such as trekking, fishing, skiing and others.

For those who spend their honeymoon in Shimla, camping and snowboarding are among the favorite activities. Himachal Tours offers camps in different parts of the region, and the ice rink in Shimla boasts the largest outdoor area with naturally frozen ice. Near locations include Kufri, with its rich biological diversity, Narkanda, which provides wonderful views of the plains as well as snow-capped mountain peaks. Chail, Rampur, Fagu, Sarahan and dozens of other amazing locations are what makes Shimla different from other Hill stations.

There are a large number of hotels in Shimla, to accommodate tourists. From luxury hotels to mid-priced budget hotels and budget-friendly hotels that offer the right type of accommodation, according to requirements. Various hotel packages offer guests a number of facilities to make their stay in Shimla comfortable and enjoyable. Honeymoon suites may also offer panoramic views of the stunning mountains as well as well-furnished rooms with all modern amenities.

Because of the cold weather all year round, warm clothes should be worn. Pullovers, along with warm jackets are necessary in the winter and light wool during the summer is necessary. Since most places are cut on foot, one also needs to have a good pair of shoes.

From nature lovers to adventurous tourists, Shimla is a dream destination for every traveler. One cannot limit the reasons for visiting this destination. Blessed with natural beauty, he promises a vacation worth taking.