St. George’s Island, Florida – a hidden treasure


If you are looking for the perfect getaway for your vacation, St George’s Island in the northwestern Panhandle Coast is a great destination offering secluded beaches and a tranquil environment throughout your entire stay.

This place is completely different from other beaches that are commercialized and bustling with tourists. There are no luxury restaurants or clubs and everything goes back to basics. The charm of St. George Island lies in the beauty of nature and the feeling of comfort surrounding the island.

Old Florida is still alive on this insulating island that is reflected in the delicious Southern cuisine, and the city’s residents have a passion for their history and ancient seafood industry. There are very few hotels operating here but tourists have a large number of St. George Island rents to choose from like holiday homes, cottages, or apartments. The fact that there are no high altitudes that impede the horizon means that tourists have the opportunity to stare at the moon and the stars, and watch the sunrise and sunset every day.

St. George Island and the rest of the forgotten coast feature a colorful past. Holidays can easily join a city walking tour through the concierge facility to rent St. George Island and go to various important areas such as the National Historic District of Appalachikula dating back to the 1830s. Unforgettable Lighthouse, Cape St George Lighthouse, Dixie Theater, John Gory State Museum, Chestnut Street Cemetery and Appalachikula Maritime Museum.

Another reason to visit St. George Island is the number of festive events that happen throughout the year. Events usually attract families and local residents to join championships, races, marches, enjoy food festivals, live music, exhibitions and learn about new acquaintances. For popular events such as the Oyster Spa Festival, Seafood Festival, SGI Mullet Toss Annual and many more, it is recommended to book St. Rents.

The beaches of St. George Island are the ultimate reason for visiting the place. Lay on the white velvet sand or swim in the crystal waters of the bay and have fun with family and friends. Or, you can simply enjoy the scenic views and listen to the waters that flood the beach from the privacy of renting St. George Island at any time of the day.

Taking a vacation for the perfect coastal vacation is rewarding and curative. Life could not be more luxurious than this.