Generate MLM leads by hosting your own TV show


I think most of us will agree that TV is the most influential marketing tool ever. The average family in the US has 2 TV’s in their house. With about 30 million Canadians and 270 million Americans or 300 million people. Let’s say that from these people you may be interested in MLM based maritime business. That’s about 150 million families. When was the last time you watched TV? Maybe in the past 48 hours. Most people cannot justify making a job offer on TV broadcast time.

So why not do the next best thing? Well that’s what I did. I got down to my transcription center and spoke to the manager. I have set up my own commercial opportunity that a TV channel broadcasts on their video conferencing facility. With a 30 second spot, I generated around 200 leads in real time MLM for me to work with. The price is discounted by fifty percent at the weekend. Well, this is the time when I wanted to pitch a job opportunity. To generate very large privileges lead to advocacy for my business. We created job offers at 11:00 am. Pacific Time o Sunday. I broadcast this to my organization and became so excited to test this concept. We all know that it’s sometimes very difficult to actually get a guest to attend a live hotel seminar. This program lasted one hour, the first ten minutes of which were video broadcasts for all store locations.

In other words, I was going to broadcast on all the different copy sites from San Diego. Each video watched about 10 minutes about the company I was promoting and that was generating more franchise opportunities for me that I could handle. At 10:10, the videos were paused and my presentation started. Kinko also has overhead projectors where I put overhead packages on the monitor during my talk, and each of the different sites was able to see the overhead. My presentation lasted for 30 minutes, as I went into the MLM franchise signup process using overhead and showed each franchise administrator how to get started on the same day. Then we opened the conference for questions. In other words, in our first conference I broadcasted to 14 locations across the United States, and my copy center does not have many locations in Canada. But we are working on it.

Each site was able to remove the mute button, when directed and asked questions. Since the system is acoustically active, the question is broadcast anywhere on the screen. In other words, if Orange, Connecticut asks a question, the other thirteen sites see the group in Orange CT. After I answer this question, I go to the next city on my list and ask if anyone else has any questions. If the group in Denver, Colorado is asking a question, everyone will see the group in Denver. Your guest is live on TV and this creates fantastic group dynamics and maximum impact on driving franchises while watching TV, switching locations with voice activation, and viewing both locations across the United States and Canada. 2500 million marine performs in 12 months. I believe that live TV conferencing will become the primary hiring tool most influencing franchises in my organization for the next 90 days. We plan to start broadcasting one monthly. This is one of the best ways to generate marine leads that you have seen every time. All rights reserved.

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