Underwater exploration in Bali


The tropical island of Bali is a very popular destination after vacationing by millions of tourists every year. This Indonesian island offers a unique mystical charm that attracts people to it. Its traditional Hindu culture, mysterious tropical forests, magnificent mountains and amazing beaches easily attract tourists. Bali islands are also famous for unparalleled dive sites and many diving enthusiasts from all over the world sponsor these islands.

The magnificent seascape and wide range of colorful marine life in Bali offer many dive sites. Choose from a selection of locations, all with an interesting underwater experience while planning a scuba diving holiday in Bali.

Falling underwater coral reefs on the Nusa Penida and Limbogan Islands mainly provide a great diving reef experience and diving on the walls. The site is about 45 minutes by speedboat and most of the property providers can easily arrange a trip for you.

Although the site provides excellent visibility all year round, the current in the area is very strong. Most experienced divers prefer this under the stream as it can be used for the benefit of the diver to experience drift diving. Sometimes when the current is very submersible, it must be abandoned for safety reasons.

Dive sites in Nusa Dua and Sanur are just 5 minutes from the coast, providing easy access. A favorite among junior divers These dive sites offer a nice stream. Because it is closer to the coastal region, the effects of pollution have led to a low to medium water view. These dive sites are low in coral life but it boasts an amazing marine life and a variety of fish, coral and sponges. Coral reefs are home to a variety of colorful sea fans and coral reefs. Divers are usually handled for an impressive assortment of turtles, sharks, sweet lips and manta rays.

Just an hour and a half from Kempeluk and Amed, Denpasar beaches. The current here is very strong and requires a certain level of diving experience to be able to explore these sites. But the long coastal reefs, slopes of coral reefs offer a very unique and exciting diving experience in diving on the walls, especially since there are diving sites boasting of one of the best solid reef communities in Bali. The water visibility in this area is generally moderate to good. Since Denpasar is a very popular tourist area, it features good accommodation options as well as bars, restaurants and night entertainment.

For those divers who enjoy wreck diving, Tulamben Wreck Dive, the USS Liberty ship whose destiny was fought in 1942 in a Japanese torpedo fire, is the best opportunity. With a gentle stream and a fairly good view, this is a quiet experience, especially at night when it provides a breathtaking sight.