Krabi Tourist Information


How many times have you heard:

Hey you should have visited Phuket ten years ago

Well, effectively, you can. Krabi is very similar to Phuket it was only a decade ago better.

Reaching Krabi and Onang

Krabi boasts one of the best airports in the Asian resort, the airport is spacious, close to the city, very clean, and most of all, quiet, you can leave your hotel or resort in Aonang just an hour and a half before departure (for an internal flight). For extended stay vacations, this may not be very important, but if you only have a few days, the last thing you want to do is spend about a day going from and to the airport to the hotel.

Hotels and resorts

Most of the hotels in Krabi are actually located in the small resort village of Aonang. There are benefits to being as big as Phuket as you get more options from restaurants, shops and nightlife options, but that comes at a price, pollution, noise and loss of country feeling.

Aonang Information

While most resort centers have become cities, Aonang is still stranded in the village ambiance, with one major road running from Krabi, following the first Aonang Beach and then passing after Noperathara Beach for about 5 kilometers and then back to back. There are a few minor roads on the side for a short distance, but the surrounding mountains have prevented the construction of the net that you would normally see. This limitation means that Krabi manages to avoid this crowded feeling, as there is always countryside inside.

Aonang undergoes a kind of golden age in any development of tourist destinations; It has attractions, hotels and facilities that can easily meet the needs of any tourist yet it really is not spoiled. There are still days when you can go to one of the many beaches and find that you totally own it for yourself, with perfect views of an ostracized island. You can also ride a motorbike or bike for ten minutes in any direction and you will find yourself in the countryside and with beautiful tree-lined roads that weave the impressive Karst Mountains 500 meters or more above the ground.

Aonang’s nightlife is very comfortable, quiet and relatively civilized, and there are several small local pubs that are great for hanging out but on the whole their key is relatively low. Behind the beach in Aonang there is a large area with many large and lively bars with some live music, but definitely not the options that will be there Phuket.


There are many very good restaurants, some are on the beachfront covering the entire international spectrum but also some very good thai food restaurants while out. Krabi Town is only a 15-minute drive away, and there are a few restaurants that can compete with any restaurant in Thailand.

Things to do and see

Most of the things that can be done in Krabi revolve around nature; Take advantage of some of the amazing coasts that can be found anywhere on the planet. There are snorkeling, diving, canoeing, rock climbing, fishing, golfing, elephant tours with white water rafting, cycling, joker, and much more, beauty, all are outdoor activities, the perfect vacation after work under light industrial clothing For most of the year. It is amazing to go to Krabi airport and the contrast between new arrivals, pastries, lethargy and people leaving with a healthy and spring glow in their stride.

There are very few man-made attractions in Krabi and the simple reason is that they don’t need them, which need a park when you get the real thing on a rocky face at Railay Beach, or a water park when you can immerse and see the same life but in its environment Natural non-rotten.

For a family vacation, Krabi is perfect. Young children can spend days at the beach and never get bored, the sea is always in a warm temperature and you can just sit back and relax and watch them enjoy themselves. Or for older children (of all ages), there are some really exciting activities. One of the newest ones is Deep Water Soloing where you simply climb a rock on your face outside the water, rise to the highest possible level, then jump! The most rational people fill in about 10 meters but I’ve seen a few number up to 40 meters and more, very crazy, but they seem to enjoy it. The slopes coming out of deep water make as safe as possible.


On the most relaxing side, Krabi has a true natural gem, which is a system of natural hot spring unlike most as hot springs are more like a river than spring. Waterfall of hot water, natural design for the perfect hot shower. The speed of moving water is completely clear and clean.

Even the main Krabi Temple, Wat Tham Siwa or the Tiger Cave Temple is not entirely manmade. The temple is literally part of a mountain, surrounding it, under it everywhere and even on top there is a giant Buddha and a sight to die for. It’s very difficult to get 1,237 steps to see, but it’s worth it if you do that.

There are many excellent and affordable tours that you can join to see all the major attractions in full or half day groups. These allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the splendor of nature. Alternatively, you can rent a car or motorcycle and enjoy discovering it yourself. Even loss is fun in Krabi.

This is what Krabi is all about, just enjoying the simple, healthy things in life.