Historic park in bustling downtown Boston


The Boston Common is a popular city public park located next to a public park in the heart of Boston. Boston Common is also known as the oldest city park in the United States and dates back to the 17th century when it was used as a pasture. The approximately 50-acre park is the starting point of the Freedom Trail and acts as a stabilizer for the “Emerald necklace” which is a chain of interconnected gardens and greenery in Boston that includes almost all of the city’s neighborhoods.

From a historical perspective, the Boston Common was used for a variety of purposes; Like being a livestock grazing place in the 1830s for military camp use by the British during the 18th century. A year was later used as a place for public executions, as criminals were suspended from many oak trees in the garden, and a proper gallows were built here in 1769. The park also served as a gathering place and protests, the first of which was in 1713 when a group of residents protested Boston angry against food shortages later during the large groups of sixties college students who met here regularly to protest the Vietnam War. Notable personalities such as Martin Luther King and Pope John Paul II have taken official gatherings here.

Today, the park is a place for public entertainment and a place for concerts, meetings and softball games. The large artificial lake is also a great place to relax by feeding waterfowl or by riding a swan boat. Historic attractions here include Massachusetts State House, which is seen on the northern edge of the commune and is the state’s seat of government.

Another interesting attraction here is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument erected here in 1877 in honor of the valiant armed forces of the United States. The Robert Gold Show monument is another relic of the Civil War celebrating the 54th Regiment, which was the first “free” black regiment for the Union Army. The Brewer Fountain is a replica of that designed for the World Expo in Paris in 1855, and has been carved in intricate shapes from Neptune, Galatia, Amphitrite and Assis.

Boston Common is located in the city center, not far from Boston hotels. Seeing a variety of accommodation options between hotels in Boston and hotels near Boston Common is no exception.



Ubud – the cultural center in Bali


Ubud was probably the best part of Bali. Ubud may not be as popular as Kuta, but it’s definitely a place loved by many. While Ubud may have been a long-time favorite among tourists, it recently received a propaganda incentive from Eat Pray Love. From Italy, where she rediscovered her passion for food and life, Liz (starring Julia Roberts) headed to India in search of a spiritual answer before landing in Bali. Ubud is an integral part of Liz’s trip to Bali, where she finally finds the love of her life and regains her life balance. In her book, Liz speaks affectionately about Ubud and how she met many friends like Kitot Lear (her spiritual teacher), Wayan (her therapist), and Mario and Robin (from the Bumi Saihat Foundation).

Ubud is truly a great place where unique traditions, untouched greenery, veranda rice fields and harmonious arts blend harmoniously.

Many day activities. If you have reserved for yourself a room / villa in a great hotel like Four Seasons, Alila Ubud, Ubud Hanging Garden, Kubu Kupu Barong, and Samaya (and the list goes on), it will spoil you with the comfort and luxury that will likely make you think two or three times before leaving the hotel . Although these hotels are perfect for a perfect honeymoon and indulgence, they are not very friendly to your pocket and may not be a very smart plan if you intend to truly discover Ubud and spend most of your days outside your room. The next best accommodation alternatives like Tepi Sawah, Bali Rich and The Mansion (and the list goes on) are not bad at all and this can easily cut your stay budget in half. If you have a comprehensive list of activities on your itinerary and a few hours are all you need to stay in the room, even the most budget-friendly alternatives available cost between $ 30-40 USD per night.

Ubud is known for its duck appetizers – Bebek Bengil and Bebek Betutu. There are many places you can try it on, but since I am a vegetarian, I cannot make any recommendation. One of the must-try experiences while in Ubud is lunch in the paddy field. Many restaurants offer dining experience in the rice field (and Tepee Sawah is popular with artists), some of which offer strange views of the rice field. Feeling delighted.

If you are an animal lover or a city man who lives in a brick forest every day, you may want to visit Monkey Forest. Here, you can see the habitat of wildlife for monkeys. Monkeys are generally known for their rascal behavior, and monkeys here are no exception. While monkeys here are known to be less terrible than those in places like Uluwatu, the reserves are always better. If I decide to visit the woods, my best advice is to take off all valuables – strings, bracelets, hair bands, sunglasses (they can tell if the sunglasses are Oakley) and hats (know if they are Nike) – and your risk of losing material is greatly reduced.

Ubud Art Market is another popular spot among tourists. A humid market at dawn and an art market during the day. At Ubud Art Market, you can find almost everything Bali has to offer – from the colorful handmade bangle to the necklace, from the rattan bag to the décor, from Bali’s ballet clothes to aromatic healing clothes and from kitchenware to herbal essentials. Beware that fierce bargaining is imperative. If you feel cheated, don’t worry. There is a tourist police station next to the market. You can complain there, and unlike many other places in Indonesia, the police officers there will be happy to assist you (at no cost of course).

If you are an outdoor person or want to get close to Mother Nature, biking is something you can add to your checklist. Bicycle rental is common in Ubud. For Rs. 50,000 (less than $ 5 USD), you can rent a bike for a full day. A normal cycling trail starts in the early morning when the weather is relatively cooler, the roads are less crowded and of course the air is fresh and ends depending on how much time you have and how much you want to see. Imagine riding across the picturesque mountain, passing by the green rice paddies, watching the ducks walking, passing by the Ayung River, listening to the flowing river stream, watching the kids shower and play. Really dynamic experience!

When the sun goes down and the night goes down, head down to a traditional theater dance show. One long and still popular dance is Legjong. The Legong dance originates from the early nineteenth century. Each Legong dance show features a complex mixture of finger, foot, eye, and gesture movements. Another popular performance is Barong dance. The main character in none other than the legendary Barong herself, who is still considered to be a sacred character by the Pali. In short, the program tells a story about the struggle between good and evil. For the onlookers, the Barong dance may just be a stage show. But for Bali, the Barong dance is part of their religious celebrations. However, enormous rituals and preparations are performed before every Barong dance show. What makes it mysterious is the fact that true priests are involved and many cast already possess spirits to make them immune to knives that are used in a later part of the show. It is said that to get rid of evil possession, they must devour black chicken after the show.

Kikak is another great traditional dance. Each theater group consists of at least 100 performance casts. The kicak showcases a mixture of scenes and sounds – from the subtle movement of the Dancer of Lady Bali to the mass movement, from magical cheering to the voice of ogres. Although it is played almost every night, the kicak dance continues to impress its fans to this day.

Whether you’re looking to reload your romance, look for a way to narrow yourself down, or an exotic lunch stroll next to the rice field, Ubud is perhaps one of the few great places in the world with something for everyone. Indeed, Ubud managed to keep its worn out roots while transforming itself into one of the world’s tourist attractions.



The world’s best golf resorts: train and play for your vacation!


The best golf resorts in the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean could be your choice for your next vacation. Make it a golf training vacation and play! Lots of package offers are available to make your trip more than just a break from your routine. Golf vacation will be a practical experience to improve your golf, enjoy an exceptionally calm and luxurious atmosphere, and visit a different country or a different country! This planning guide will direct you to some of the best ranked golf resorts in the world.

Whether you are ultimately booking for yourself or through an experienced golf travel specialist, start your search on the Internet where you can find luxury golf courses and travel bargains. Resort rates and amenities and golf course details are available. But also search for packages that include airline tickets, hotel accommodations and green fees to get the best value. A typical prepacked golf resort vacation will include most of these features:

  • By air
  • Resort facilities
  • T-times confirmed
  • Prepaid green fees
  • 18-hole common trolley
  • Equipment rental
  • Golf lessons
  • Meals in exclusive restaurants
  • Transfers to the course
  • Transfers to the airport
  • All taxes and service fees

Golf courses are planned in beautiful surroundings where you can enjoy the sea breeze or views of lush vegetation, and you can combine golf and other amenities at the resort to provide a round holiday.

For example, try one of the many glamorous Club Med Golf resorts with beautiful lanes in the most unforgettable and inviting places around the world. Club Med offers deals that include the best equipment and golf lessons for all levels! Its locations include Cancun, Mexico, as well as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Other locations span the world: Turks and Caicos Islands, Mauritius, Portugal, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, and in the United States – Sandpiper Bay, Florida.

Scotland has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world and there are nearly 100 resorts, called “golf hotels,” among more than 500 golf courses across the country. The most famous are Turnberry, Gleneagles, and The Old Course Hotel St. Andrews. Each one has spa, leisure facilities, excellent restaurants and “golf education” packages for all levels.

Mexico has many golf resorts located in luxurious coastal locations. There are golf resorts in Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. Also, Mexico has a championship version of the Baja of the famous golf resort “Pebble Beach” in California, called Bagamar, just a few hours drive from San Diego in Ensenada.

For the United States, check online some of the golf resorts suggested by major magazines like GolflinkWho publishes Top 100 Golf Courses in the United States. This ranks the best among more than 21,000 public and private golf courses across the country. However, in those hundreds of training courses, you want to search for resorts with package programs and golf lessons. Among the top 100, you’ll find that the major vacation states with golf resorts are located in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas. Let’s review these countries to find out their best locations:

  • In sunny and temperate Florida, Club Med’s Sandpiper Bay Golf Academy offers 2-day and 3-day golf courses. The academy includes all aspects of the game, like Chipping, Putting, Bunker, Pitching, Lob Shot and Full Swing with Irons and Woods. A video that analyzes your swing is provided, as well as an optional video that compares your swing with a professional player. Also, the area in and around Miami has regional golf resorts for a vacation all year round. Each resort offers on-site amenities and services, both on and off the field, and minutes from major Miami attractions, such as South Beach and Miami MetroZoo. You will have many options during the golf vacation here.
  • Arizona has a favorable climate for several months of the year, Scottsdale has nearly 200 golf courses, many of which have a scenic background to the Sonoran Desert. It is a golf destination with golf schools and professional shops. Here, many resorts offer quality accommodation and championship golf courses. Most golf resorts offer packages where hotel guests can get a discounted green fee. Also, Sedona, Arizona offers many golf resorts with a mild climate all year round and stunning views of the red rocks.
  • In California, Pebble Beach is famous for being a small coastal golf destination located in beautiful Monterey County. It is home to the prominent Pebble Beach Golf Links, the Pebble Beach inn, and the prestigious Spanish Bay inn. Every year, golfers return to their scrub with golf professionals and experience nature at its best on the spectacular golf course put out by top golf course designers. The harmony between golf plans and the majestic coastline is stunning!
  • Another golfer’s paradise is conveniently located along the coast of the South Atlantic in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It combines natural beauty and world-class golf on a 12-mile-long buffer island. Nicklaus, Palmer and other golf legends have repeatedly played these championships. Since the opening of the first course at Sea Pines in 1961, there are now Emerald Links in Harbor Town and impressive courses in Bluffton, as the Hilton Head area has become a major golf center. It is legendary for its stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, scenic swamps, and abundant wildlife marine forests. The mild climate and sunshine throughout the year make Hilton Head Island the ideal place to relax.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, has quietly emerged as one of the fastest growing golf destinations in the United States amid the glamor and charm of casinos. The city’s mega conference center and innumerable hotel rooms make it a natural retreat for massive golf events. With sunshine all year round, mild temperatures, and plenty to do after a full day of golfing from gambling to watching entertaining shows, this golf destination will continue to grow.
  • CNN ranked Austin, Texas No. 1 Golf City at 2010. Golf courses in Austin are among the best in the United States. The area is highlighted by the 56th-ranked Golf Club Wolfdancer GolfweekTop 100 Golf Resorts of 2009. In addition to being a great contemporary music city and home to many celebrities, Austin offers a great barbecue grill, perfect year-round climate and luxurious accommodations.

Your best deal will be at all inclusive resorts, where flight, accommodation, meals and golf activities are entered at the same price. On the other hand, keep in mind the traditional hotels and resorts in the proposed locations. With a little planning online, one of the best golf resorts in the world can be your affordable choice. Enjoy the site and explore the area while you improve your golf and provide an enjoyable and attractive vacation for your family and loved ones!

(C) 2012 Elizabeth McMillian



Top 10 romantic holidays for less than $ 5000


Are you looking to get away from it all? And don’t you have a full checking account to splurge? Well, don’t worry, my friends, not all of us can be millionaires, unfortunately. But when the time comes to share that special vacation with someone you love, many of us draw blanks and come to book and plan this special trip. However, this does not mean that there are not many great places that you and your boyfriend can escape. Here to help you better make your decision, here are ten best romantic holidays for less than $ 5,000!

1. Maui, Hawaii: Enjoy relaxing on the romantic beaches of Maui during your stay at Kihei Bay Vista Resort – a rich, full-featured resort offering a plethora of thread and plenty of great room service. Online packages, which include airline tickets and four days / four nights, start from around $ 765 per person – roughly $ 1,500 and everything you pay for food and one-time car hire on the island.

2. Cancun, Mexico: One of the most pristine, clean and beautiful coral reef islands invites you and your lover to stay in the eco-like resort, the beach on the beach filled with many nightlife and a lot of history. Online packages will save you around $ 850 per person, which includes airline tickets and four-night hotel accommodation.

3. Miami, Florida: Take your other partner to one of the most popular and romantic places in the world, and spend a day in the Disney world, without children. Miles from hundreds of islands, Miami is a destination city. Online packages will be around $ 600 USD per person, including flight and nice hotel room.

4. Aspen, Colorado: For a different snowy romantic getaway, head to the Rocky Mountains and go on a romantic ski trip. Staying in a premium mountain side resort, including lifting permits, your wallet will only eat from around $ 600 per person on a four-day trip – including a trip.

5. Newport Beach, California: Perhaps one of the most inexpensive ways to get away from it all – you can easily find dozens of great holiday packages to beach resorts, including airfare and four-night check-in, for around $ 500 per person via Internet.

6. Acapulco, Mexico: Maybe a cheaper destination than Paris or Venice, you can easily find many great deals online for comprehensive trips to destination resorts. Packages range from about $ 600-800 per person, including four-night air travel on the Mexican Riviera.

7. San Diego: One of the most popular romantic vacation destinations in the world awaits you. You will not find better deals anywhere else online via here. Five-day packages, which include your trip, a rental car, and a great resort hotel room, start from around $ 600 per person.

8. San Francisco: The city is located on the bay just a few hundred dollars away, as beautiful beaches, culture and five-star restaurants invite you to come to greet. Enjoy a romantic trip for two people here for around $ 600-800, which includes your plane flight, and hotel room for five nights.

9. Paris, France: It is perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world, as a society rich in culture and vibration will attract almost anyone. Of course, such a strange destination never comes without attaching a strange price tag. Internet packages, including air travel and hotel accommodation – for seven days and seven nights – start at about $ 1,850 per person.

10. Venice, Italy: No longer enjoying the romance of touring one of the oldest cities in the known world. Of course rides on many channels full of water and being rich also accumulate in many reasons – listed art galleries – why you should head to Venice. However, it will cost you to enjoy Italy, up to around $ 1900 per person, including airline tickets and the hotel for a week.



Famous foods for celebrities


The Stage Deli, a New York City founder, is famous for its sandwiches named after celebrities. Unfortunately, those mile-high sandwiches have disappeared with the Daily Closure. But for the few lucky ones, whose memories live in the shape of popular dishes, here are some of the most popular and familiar dishes to everyone.

Wellington promotion: Who put beef in Wellington? Controversy abounds. The Duke of Wellington, the war hero who destroyed Napoleon in Waterloo in 1815, often dined on steaks, pies, and mushrooms, so after he got out of his military duties, this rich dish was created in his honor (what Napoleon had eaten unknown., Maybe the crow) . However, some historians Pooh that story and insist on meat wrapped in pastry dough had been around for centuries, unlike the Duke. (Yes, but do you also include mushrooms and pate?). There is a possible link with Wellington, New Zealand also shares credit.

The Rockefeller Oyster: this is easy. It was created by the son of the famous Antoine restaurant in New Orleans, and was named after John D. Rockefeller, who was at the time (1889) the richest man in America (and the oysters were very rich). The original recipe was never shared, so all future chefs should have avoided it. Nobody knows if it’s a popular item on John D’s dinner table, but we’ll assume it was.

Cherry Jubilee: No one was called a jubilee, but perhaps this special dessert was created by the famous chef August Escover, who prepared the dish for one of the jubilee celebrations of British Queen Victoria (long lived), widely believed to be the Diamond Jubilee in 1887. This sensitivity was not The burning flames of the dining room curtains were even tasted by the kings of England and Europe.

Eggs of Benedict: Certainly not named after the notorious traitor Benedict Arnold, there is little competition regarding his origin. Delmonico, known as New York City Restaurant, claims to belong to the property in 1860, but a man named Lemuel Benedict insists it was created after ordering a full plate of breakfast food, topped with a Dutch sauce at the Waldorf Hotel, 34 years later.

Caesar salad: San Digan called Cesar Cardini owned a restaurant called Hotel Caesar in Tijuana during the ban, enabling him to serve alcohol during the 1920s. This popular power was created in his kitchen. California residents flocked to eat roman lettuce, anchovies, and a special sauce. Guests can also enjoy a cocktail or two. (Author note: As a resident of San Diego, I can assure readers that these days no one travels south of the border to obtain any kind of authority, trust me.)

Kings Chicken: Not named after Elvis, but again, discussions between historians and vanity-of-king size offer several versions; A Philadelphia man named William King insisted that it was created in 1915; Another American, James Caine, argued that he had reached that, but the chicken La Caine had not cut it completely (perhaps the chicken Cane had succeeded). Then Ken Vauxhall’s son (Will I Create That?) Supported his father’s story in the 1890s; Famous hotel chef George Greenwald insisted that he fabricated it for the residents of wealthy hotels Mr. and Mrs. E. Second Clark King at the Brighton Beach Hotel in New York. So there you have it. You decide, and if your last name is King, you can also go into the act.

Lobster Newberg: Captain Ben Weinberg, who discovered a delicious seafood dish on his earthly travels, brought the recipe back and presented it to Delmonico, a thriving New York City restaurant during the late 19th century. The chef happily recreated it to captain after modifying the slightly rich ingredients, naming him a tribute to him. Fast forward for several decades, when the two men were falling (perhaps too much or too little cream, no one knows) and the misfortune chef renamed it; There was no one called Newberg, it looked better. First cousin of Lobster Thermidor, which we will give to the French who called him a popular play.

beef stroganoff: The first known recipe appeared in a Russian cookbook in 1871 Beef No Stroganoff With Mustard, The name was taken from a Russian diplomat and Minister of the Interior, Alexander Stroganov. It is doubtful that the diplomat tasted until he tasted his name, but one would like to think that he conjured him up one night while he yearned for beef with sour cream. Many countries have similar differences, including China, all of which claim origin, but remain a mystery. We certainly know that neither explorers Marco Polo nor chief food lover Thomas Jefferson were ever happy.

Romanov noodles: It originally appeared in Romanoff’s, a favorite restaurant in the mid-1950s, located at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Several years later, the giant Stouffer Foods posted it in their restaurants that no longer existed in Chicago, as well as the frozen version (which no longer is). One of the main items on the menu, it features a sharp cheddar cheese sauce and sour cream, rich and delicious by all standards. Unfortunately, it has virtually disappeared and should be made from scratch for those who still yearn for it.

Brandy Alexander: Some sources recognize the Russian Tsar Alexander II as having the same name, but it is most likely named by Troy Alexander, a waiter at Rector’s Restaurant, a restaurant in New York City. Apparently, he wanted to make a white drink for dinner in celebration of Phoebe Snow, a fictional character portrayed as a social figure in New York who was a railway spokesperson and always dressed in white (you can find out). Regardless of origin, it’s still a sweet and savory drink made with cocoa cream, whipped cream and brandy, and has been claimed to be the legendary favorite Beatle John Lennon cocktail.

Chateaubriand: Tender beef from a French ambassador and Viscount in the early nineteenth century by his personal chef, Viscount Chateaubrant from a region in France of the same name; A large piece of main steak, usually served as a meal for two, accompanied by a rich sauce and fries, but the Viscount seemed to have been a hearty appetite and refined on its own, leaving Mrs. Viscount to defend herself.

These timeless dishes commemorate their names in the history books and the wonderful reviews of the food owners. But take your heart. There is always room for more, so start cooking and you can also become popular food for years to come.



Airport parking tips


Passengers arriving or leaving an international airport, it is always wise to plan ahead when standing near the airport. The following airport parking tips can make the trip much easier.

Oftentimes there are many off-site car park operators to choose from besides parking at property at the airport. Off-site parking tends to be a little cheaper, but takes longer to get to the station by shuttle. Make sure to check online for discounted prices or coupons from various off-site car parks. Long airport parking lots are convenient due to their close location, but they tend to be more expensive. For travelers with disabilities, check to make sure that an airport shuttle service is available, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Another noteworthy option (which may or may not be available) when it comes to airport parking is the number of hotel operators offering “Park and Fly” options where travelers can spend the night before or after the trip. Often times, travelers will find it interesting that the hotel rates, along with parking at the hotel property, are sometimes similar in price compared to parking lots only at much at the airport.

Once the traveler decides to park at the airport, there are some precautions to consider. These precautions can include remembering their parking space number if necessary, securing the car and making sure all precious things are taken out, placing a sunshade in the front window of the vehicle, making a reservation with the shuttle if you choose to stay in the park and fly in the hotel and estimate the amount of extra time Necessary to pass through security once you arrive at the airport.

For incoming travelers, it is always a good idea to know where the airport shuttle service will transport passengers to their parking areas, as well as the number of times the shuttle service picks up passengers. Another helpful tip is to make sure to write the phone number for any service you deal with. If you forget that your shuttle will take you can easily call to find out more information about shuttle service times.

As a final note, if you just picked up an individual at the airport, there is no need to find a short or long-term car park. Make sure to select and use a lot of cell phone in a specific position.

By following these simple tips when required, travelers can enjoy less stress than if they are not ready.



About Long Beach California


Ask anyone who lives near the West Coast what is the most beautiful thing you can do, and the answer is always the same, the Pacific Highway in California and the US 101 hugging the coast in northern California, Oregon and Washington. Driving this highway takes time and should be divided into sections. While the southern section of San Diego was teeming with people on the beaches with high waves, the Long Beach section is more deserted at this time of year and most of the steep slopes along the beach are not dramatic. However, the Los Angeles area contains the very popular cities of Santa Barbara, Malibu and Santa Monica.

The beauty of Santa Barbara is located by the ocean waves and supported by the Santa Ynez Mountains. Not only is Santa Barbara the favorite getaway for Hollywood celebrities, some of whom own real estate here, but the city has some great history. How better to experience some history of Santa Barbara than to visit Old Mission Santa Barbara and The El Presidio? The mission is located on thirteen acres overlooking the Pacific. The grounds include a historical cemetery, a mausoleum, a Mission Church, and a nine-room museum with artifacts and historical artwork. Lush gardens surround the buildings, including the historic Huerta Park, with ancient plants and trees in the mission era. Whereas El Presidio buildings are the last of the four military outposts, built by Schumachs Indians under the supervision of Spanish soldiers. Presidio was founded in 1782 during the American Revolutionary War that played a vital role in alien invasion. Today two of the remaining original divisions are El Cuartel, which is the second oldest building in California and Canedo Adobe.

Malibu is located west of Los Angeles along the hillsides of the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains with a coastline of 21 miles from the beautiful coast, and is famous for its beautiful beaches and famous homes. Zuma Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles, with its beautiful four-mile wide sandy beaches makes it ideal for all family activities from rock climbing, swimming, surfing to sunbathing only.

It is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and is a hidden crown jewel, the Malibu Creek State Park which houses more than 8,000 acres of mountain peaks, hillsides, oak savannah and long grassy plains. The stunning beauty of this earth has been seen around the world in movies, and the most memorable thing is the long-running TV series from Mash. Getting to the Mash shooting site requires a 3-mile stroll in one direction as the first part is well over a stairway path over rolling hills across oaks and tall grass; However, the last half-mile becomes a little difficult, ranging from having to cross Malibu Creek by walking through the record of the fallen oak tree. The rest of the road is a very narrow path over the rocks and mud ponds through a thick green forest. For some great garden views, drive the Mulholland Highway 3 miles to Lake Malibu, which is also the home of the Reagan Ranch Ranch.

For a short but breathtaking ride, take the Malibu Canyon Road from the state park to Malibu. The highway passes directly through the Santa Monica Mountains and passes its way through the narrow valley with steep slopes on one side and straight drop on the other side. As the highway exits the valley, stunning views of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean are stunning.

It is located south of Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway and is the famous city of Santa Monica. With 3.5 miles of beaches, Santa Monica attracts all kinds of visitors, as the northern part of the beach is separated from the city by the ocean trick and the Pacific Coast Highway where a series of bridges and stairs provide access to the beaches. By contrast, the southern section is flat with the city and the beach side is full of houses, hotels and parking. It is located in the central part of the beach and is the very famous Santa Monica Pier where there is a park, restaurants and gift shops on a wooden dock, not to mention that after 2.448 miles, Historic Route 66 completed its journey from Chicago here.

Laguna Beach, south of Long Beach Park along the Pacific Coast Highway, is home to Crystal Cove State Park. The park has 3 miles of natural seashore with open spaces along cliff tops where tall grass blooms. 2.5 miles of paved roads along cliff tops offer stunning panoramic ocean views with many steep paths to the beach. The southern end of the park is the Historic District with 46 antique coastal cottages incorporated in the 1930s and 1940s, representing early examples of coastal development in Southern California.

The history of Queen Mary, famous since her birth in 1934, has been restored to her vital role as a war force during World War II. After 1001 trips across the Atlantic, Queen Mary arrived in Long Beach in 1967 for her retirement and her last headquarters. Even today, Queen Mary has lived as a historical landmark and full-service hotel in Long Beach with entertainment places, shops and restaurants. One can get a close-up view of Queen Mary with a guided tour from the back to the arch and the engine room to the bridge. Throughout the ship there are reinforced wood carvings using more than 50 types of wood along with elaborate sculptures, paintings, and murals that made this ship the most detailed vessel ever.

Any trip to Los Angeles must include some time in the Beverly Hills and Hollywood area. Places like the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Sunset Strip in Sunset Boulevard are well known for their colorful billboards and beautiful murals painted on buildings. The three blocks of the Rodeo Drive between Santa Monica Boulevard and Wiltshire Boulevard contain over 100 boutique and hotel designers where many celebrities shop. Not to mention Wilshire Avenue. Hotel, photography location of Pretty Woman. Greystone Mansion Street is near the street, where a long list of movies, music videos and TV shows was filmed.



Christmas Vacation in Orlando 2014: You need to know tips


Holiday traditions and Merry festivities turn Orlando into the perfect destination for a winter vacation. Whether you are planning a party at the theme parks or prefer a low-level holiday event, Orlando is sure to enjoy the whole family.

Read on to discover valuable “Need to Know” tips to ensure a great vacation in Orlando without any unexpected surprises.

Orlando events

The holidays gave the biggest cheer to Orlando, check out all the exciting happenings this Christmas. Plan ahead by finding out more about each event:

Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios: Colorful Balloons and Buoys from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® in New York City flood the streets alongside bands and Santa Claus.

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration: Holiday spirit waves fill the garden with holiday celebrations alongside Shamu.

Holidays around the world at Disney’s Epcot: Sing alongside candlelight with a presentation of the traditional Christmas story told by celebrity tellers.

Grinchmas ™ on World Adventure Islands: The selective landing has been transformed into a whimsical world of Grinchmas ™, which features a live show starring The Grinch ™.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: Play in snow flurries while watching the amazing fireworks and fun holiday parades.

Chistmas Bricktacular in LEGOLAND: Kids will enjoy the 270,000 brick and Christmas Christmas tree festive decorations, as well as daily appearances by Santa Claus.

Orlando amusement park crowds

As far as crowd levels go, December is broken. The first half of the month drops to neutral crowd levels, while the second half of the month sees the highest crowds in the whole year!

Orlando weather weather

Orlando Winter Weather Forecast: This winter is expected to be between the 1960s and 1970s. The coldest month of the year is January, but with average temperatures as low as 50 degrees only – we certainly cannot call ourselves a destination for snowboarding. While you can probably leave heavy winter jackets at home, they get cool enough for people to pull light and medium jackets. If you’re trying to pack light, get clothes that can be layered easily.

Orlando travel tips

Although we can’t help you get a plane ticket – we have a few tips to keep in mind: book early, be flexible with dates, and be persistent. Passengers have 24 hours to free their seat, which means that the flight that I thought had been sold out, could have an open seat tomorrow. Finally, reports show that flying on actual vacation tends to be the cheapest way to go.

Tips for the Orlando Hotel

Find hotels with a variety of Christmas activities when traveling with your children. This will give you an opportunity to create unique memories during your vacation. Check out our exclusive shopping holiday package only at Floridays Resort! This apartment-style family-friendly resort offers daily activities and events. Visit our website at



Redwood National Park – Three tips for efficient travel to Redwood by Amtrak Train and Bus


Redwood National Park was created in 1968 to protect the lands adjacent to Redwood Parks, California that were formed in the 1920s. State and integrated federal lands are currently managed under a joint agreement between the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Parks. Shared parks cover more than 110,000 acres including 37 miles of pristine California coast.

Since Delta is the only commercial airline at the local airport, it is costly to travel to the region. Although it is not close to the Amtrak train line, there is a bus service from Amtrak stations to the Redwood area, which may be the cheapest way to travel to the park. Here are three tips / hints for efficient travel to / from Redwood by road:

First: Martinez, California is your connection to Amtrak at Redwood National Park. The San Joaquin Line from Bakersfield (with a connecting service from San Diego and Los Angeles) and Oakland (with a delivery service from San Francisco) stops here. Martinez is also located on the Capitol Corridor Line from San Jose, Auckland and Sacramento (with delivery service from Reno.) From Martinez, there are two Amtrak Thruway motor boats leaving at 10:25 am and 3:25 pm for a six to seven hour ride to the Redwood area.

Second: Since there is no shuttle service in Redwood National Park, you must rent a car to see the entire park. Therefore, McKinleyville Station at Arcata Airport is the destination for your bus rides. If you arrive before the car rental offices close early in the evening, you have a choice of companies that you can hire. If you arrive when the car rental offices are closed, you can take a free shuttle bus to your hotel at night and return to the airport in the morning to rent your car. There are a number of hotels in the area that will provide this service. Steamboats depart for Martinez McKinleyville at 6:15 am and 10:30 am.

Third: The need to book the train portion of your trip depends on the service you receive. Although the Capitol Corridor trains are not reserved, San Joaquins trains are fully preserved. Although you do not need reservations for the Thruway Motorcoach Connection service, you may be able to obtain prepaid discount rates or special rates for students and seniors by pre-purchasing a train and bus ticket.



Disney Cruise Deals – Introduction to Disney Cruise Ships, Castaway Cay, Ports and more


While many cruise lines offer family-friendly activities and experiences, none of them can match Disney. It is one of the most popular cruise lines not only for families, but for anyone and everyone who wants to have fun. There are a variety of itineraries available on Disney cruise offerings, which include a mixture of land and sea adventures. Your family can stay on board all the time or go out and explore after accessing the communication ports.

Castaway Cay is definitely worth exploring. The very special Disney Island is dedicated to cruise line passengers on Caribbean and Bahamian cruises. This three-mile, 1,000-acre island can be explored by tram. For families, there is a family beach. For adults, there is Serenity Bay. Riding a tram is not a requirement; If there is enough time, you may want to take a walking trail.

Like all cruise deals, Disney prices tend to decline during September and October. This does not mean that you cannot find some last minute vacation deals. In the weeks before departure, cruise rates fluctuate a lot depending on the availability of the cabin. If you miss one deal, there are three other ships in the fleet that will likely sail in the near future as well, and each can accommodate thousands of passengers.

The fleet includes:

• Disney Magic

• Disney Dream

• Fantasy Disney

• Disney Wonder

Disney Cruises Home Ports and Discounts

Disney Dream and Fantasy includes Port Canaveral as a home port, and Magic and Wonder has home outlets around the world, including Port Canaveral. Magic has home outlets along the east coast and Europe, in cities like New York, Miami, Rome and Copenhagen. Wonder has home outlets in Vancouver, Galveston, San Diego, San Juan, etc.

Disney is currently expanding its fleet by introducing new ships in the next five to seven years.

How many are the cruises? When comparing Disney Cruise deals, you’ll find everything from three-day Bahamian cruises to 7-day East or West cruises. You can also explore Mexico by leaving the West Coast port.

No matter where you go, there are always things you can do on and off the ship. While on a ship, you can experience on-board activities, live shows and entertainment, deck parties, dining, swimming pools, fitness centers, lounges, and family-friendly fun. There are also many beach adventures included in Disney travel packages. Even if you stick to a basic package instead of going with a comprehensive package, all your needs will be taken care of.

Explore discount packages online to find a good cruise bargain. You can have some good savings on your next vacation. Just look at Disney Cruise deals and compare deals. The discount travel tools offered online are very easy to use.