Types of business banners


These marks are those that identify and / or advertise a business with the company name, location, hours of operation and more. It can also be a location within a business listing customer policies, list, product prices, etc. There are many different types of brands like the Memorial, Channel Letters, Edifice, Billboard and Electronic Message Center (EMC).

Channel messages

These are trademarks, but each letter on the sign is separate, lit, and 3D. A common form of this kind of business sign is the letters you see at the top of a hotel’s outer wall and whose name is written. Usually as part of this brand, there will be a separate logo symbol. You may also see this type of sign above the business entrance such as a club or restaurant. It can also be hung next to the business building.

Tower / pillar

These signs are generally long and can be seen from the road, visible to drivers. It can only have one business name or a list of many companies. An example of a multi-listing edifice business sign is one that lists companies in the same mall. There are some of these brands that have a board where the owner can place ads for advertising sales or restaurants for ads.


These are low and near land marks. It is usually placed at the entrance to a company, business, factory, or car park. The base of these signs can vary from synthetic materials to stone to concrete. You might even see the letters directly placed on a big stone to create unique brands. About the stone sign you may see the landscape design of plants and flowers.


These signs are very large and often contain eye-catching graphics. Many regions now have requirements, including height requirements, for billboards on major interstate roads because of their ability to distract drivers who try to read them. One of the requirements in addition to its height is the distance it should be from the highway or the road.

Email Center

These brands are a new technology that provides companies with the ability to easily change messages and a wide range of colors. Some of these signs may display time and temperature or may contain animated set of messages such as objects for sale at work, as well as color images.

These are just some of the many types of brands that can be used to promote their business.



Sam Spade San Francisco


“Around here, Miles Archer, Sam Spade’s partner, was performed by Brigid O’Shaughnessy.” Thus says a sign on a building on the corner of Burritt Alley and Bush Street in downtown San Francisco. This is a fun apartment block building in a dead end – not the place to commit murder but, of course, this killing just happened on the pages of Dashiell Hammett’s “Maltese Falcon”.

As I will discover as I make my way around Sam Spade neighborhood, Saint Franciscan is happy to pretend that Sam, a hawk hunters crew, a mysterious mysterious beauty queen, a little oiled Cairo Jewell and a very terrifying Gutman have really traveled the city blocks around Union Square in their pursuit of shiny black birds.

This demonstration requires some effort so Dashiell Hammett is not given to prepare a detailed scene. The most detailed description of The Maltese Falcon consists of one sentence: Spade received the call to tell Miles to kill Miles. Contact a yellow taxi company. He was dropped by taxi “as Bush Street roofed Stockton before sliding down to Chinatown.”

San Francisco of Sp Spade ignores everything the postcards, this song, and travelers, including myself, are associated with the city. “The little cable car doesn’t go halfway up to the stars” or anywhere else in the world of Sam Spade. There is hardly a sense of the hillside that can turn even a walk on the podium for breakfast into a picnic stretch. Bush’s “roofing” on Stockton Street only indicates the way this city hangs up and down Nob Hill, Ross Hill, Telegraph Hill – the three highs that separate Sam Spade from the Blue Ocean, an orange bridge and a beautiful bay that it never looks to see.

As I stroll around the world of Sam Spade, I realize how small it is. This is the dark and crowded San Francisco, the part that turns its back on all the blue sea and sky and on all those pastel-painted Victorian homes with optimistic clinging to these harsh hills. As I drive the Hyde Street cable car from Nob to the Ross Hill at that point when it turns into a landing in the Pacific, San Francisco seems to me as if it just came out of the laundry all clear, blue and white, hanging to dry in the morning sun.

But Hammett characters do not have time to consider such love. After all, they seek more elusive beauty – “things are made of dreams,” as Boggart said in the movie (but Hammett was not in the book): black gold enameled with jeweled hawk that consumes all their ambition and energy and eventually escapes from them. .

Hammett gives his characters a very crossover. Cairo Jewel attends a performance at Jerry Theater. They are currently showing Misanthrope Moliere. Christmas Carol is announced for the holidays. It is hard to imagine Goel Cairo attending either of them. He didn’t have much walking distance from his hotel Belvedere. In her real avatar like Bellevue, she was only one block in Geary and Taylor. These days, Monaco is reborn, an elegant boutique “Fantasia” hotel where upside-down Vuitton trunks act as a front desk and hot air balloons on the lower ceilings through the gentle clouds.

There is occasional mention of the night fog in San Francisco, “thin, fluffy and permeated”, but most of the time, falcon characters move through a world of interiors: Sam’s office, his apartment, Brigid apartment and various hotel suites.

Dashiel Hammett worked for a while as an investigator in San Francisco. He moved a lot but lived for a while on 891 Post Street, where he placed Sam Speed’s apartment. When a restaurant waiter asked if it was a safe area to visit at night, he shook his shoulders, saying, “It’s a small part of the gay ghetto after dark …..”

Hammett gave Spade’s office in a magnificent building in 1926 on 111 Sutter Street. The hall, marble walls and ceiling painted with wooden beams look more like the entrance to the Medici Palace. The doorman, the maintenance man, anyone who happens to be around the hallway knows that this is where Sam Speed ​​had his office – on the fifth floor.

In another direction, Hammett, in the braking stage, said Speed: “Ask him to take me on John’s, Ellis Street.” There, the investigator asks the waiter to speed up his order with “baked potato slices and chopped tomatoes”. In 1997, John’s Grill was announced as a national literary teacher. For $ 29, a visitor can still order these pieces. If they do, they should try to eat it in the dining room on the top floor where Hamit books and a replica of Maltese Falcon are kept in a glass case at the entrance.

But something is missing. Sam Spade might recognize the look of the place but maybe not the smell. There is no smoke. The smokers who lie in wait outside his office building go back to Sutter, so bloated during a short American lunch break, a reminder that Sam and his ill-fated women have been left behind in another century.



Louvre Museum


The Louvre is the most famous art museum in the world. It also has the largest number of visitors annually. It is home to many great works of art that have historical significance in Western culture. It was originally built as a royal palace for King Philip II. The architecture is similar to the French Renaissance style of famous engineer Pierre Lescot. It began to be used as a place to display art around the time of the French Revolution. The idea started from Luxembourg Palace in Paris, then was followed by the Louvre Museum.

The Louvre originally collected works or Leonardo da Vinci and Andrea del Sarto. The extensions of the site were commissioned as the continued expansion of the Louvre Museum required this. As France’s strength and prestige grew in the seventeenth century, it was able to acquire increased property. Major works by Dutch artists were obtained for exhibition at the museum. Today, the group was added with gifts from citizens.

One of the main goals of the Louvre is to preserve and protect French art treasures. This includes groups from the first part of its history through to recent acquisitions to this day. They strive to provide as many people as possible to the beauty of all these works. The museum lends various artworks to different institutions around the world as well.

It has partnerships with other major technical institutions. The construction of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi was recently announced and will be completed in 2012. It will feature works from various French museums, including museums from the Louvre as well.

The Louvre Pyramid is the main entrance to the museum. French President Francois Mitterrand hired the Chinese-American architect IM Pei to build the glass pyramid. This was one of the first renovations of the Grand Louvre Project.

The Louvre includes some of the best art collections in the world. There are eight sections: paintings, prints, drawings, decorative arts, sculptures, Islamic art, Egyptian antiquities, Greek and Roman antiquities, and Near Eastern antiquities.

The museum contains a collection of about 12,000 paintings. The Mona Lisa is one of the most remarkable pieces in the museum. It is a 16th-century picture painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It is considered one of the most famous paintings in the world. The picture of an expressive woman, who has been the subject of countless discussions and arguments. The plate underwent a number of environmental treatments, which resulted in its relatively excellent condition.

Other exhibits include sculptures, such as Venus de Mello. Also known as Aphrodite Milos, it is an ancient Greek statue depicting Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. It is made of marble with no noticeable carving or sculpting significantly.

Apart from the exhibits mentioned above, others include engravings, drawings, books and monuments. To keep pace with the times, the Louvre Museum is constantly expanding and developing new areas in the museum.



Compensation for everyday life accidents


It’s a sunny day and I’ve been in the office for 60 hours this week and aside from seeing the sun from your office window, you can’t go out and enjoy the weather. Your journey on the subway takes you through your front door at 7 pm, and the sun has long sunk.

The weekend has now come and you decide to make the most of the continuous good weather, so take a stroll with your family. I decided to get away from the city and hit a short trail. A packed walk drives the car all the way.

It is not too far away to encounter a abandoned dog. She is aggressive and tries to calm her down, but before you know she bites you on your arm and you have a bad bite mark, you need medical attention. Medical care can be expensive.

Such situations often occur and when it happens to you what to do and whoever approaches to obtain compensation. Personal injury attorneys have your heart interests and know how to handle each unique case with a personal approach, so that you are not the victim of an injury like this that you do not see from your pocket.

You don’t have to be a dog bite, there are many ways that lawyers can help you with personal injury, and we are all fully aware of the abuse that women are subjected to at the hands of their partners, and in some cases women offend men, despite the numbers showing that 85% of cases are men’s beating of women, and there are approximately 5 million cases that are reported individually each year in the USA alone.

When you put an elderly relative in a care home to get the best possible help for you, do not expect them to be mistreated by the professionals who are there to take care of them. More than 3 million American adults are under care at any time, and nearly half of US citizens will be placed in a care facility in their lifetime.

Shockingly nearly half of all elderly people in care reported some form of abuse. In this case, attorneys with a personal injury can follow the correct course of work necessary for the family to obtain the justice they deserve.

Imagine walking with grocery-filled hands. We suddenly fly over a dangerous pavement, which rose slightly. Shopping falls to the ground and you end up, with the pain of being shot through your arm or leg.

More than 8 million electronic visits annually are responsible for the falls in the United States. A personal injury lawyer can help compensate for lost profits and medical bills due to any negligence due to the defective surface.

There are many other ways that a personal injury lawyer can help, slip into the work that causes injury, car accidents, bike accidents and even boat accidents, all of which are various forms of compensation that may be available to you.

If you don’t have medical coverage or insurance you don’t have to worry, many personal injury lawyers work on a no-win basis without fees. You can contact them to help with your claim and they will follow up on the case through the correct authorities and channels, and no funds are exchanged at first.

Do not be a victim and remain silent, there are people to help you fight your corner, seek help from a personal injury lawyer, you may be surprised by the result.



Hidden gems of Southern California


Many tourists flock to well-known destinations in Southern California such as San Diego, Disneyland, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. These are all great places to visit, but if you’re looking for a slightly different place from radar, check out the following amazing destinations:

Chanel Islands

My husband and I have lived in California for most of our lives, but somehow I have missed these gorgeous islands classified as one of the U.S. national parks. After watching some amazing pictures online, we made a short boat trip to Anacapa Island from Oxnard as part of this weekend’s memorial trip.

If you decide to go, get ready and fetch supplies. This adventure trek is in good physical condition. You will need to climb 157 steps to the top of this rugged little island where there is no food, services, water, or toilets. Now, I hate toilets, but I’m telling you – the views over the rocky shore, huge cliffs, and winding peaks were worth it. You can easily walk around the edge of the island in just hours with the Inspiration Point a big bonus for your efforts.

We visited in June when bursts of bright wildflowers covered the small island and thousands of fascinating sea gulls could be found on every corner. Just beware of their condom mothers who will pounce on your head if you come too close.

We returned two years later and visited the largest island of Santa Cruz for an exciting kayak tour of the historic marine caves. On the boat trip we saw a whale and two large dolphin schools. Water can be stiff at certain points, but the caves were amazing. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Some people consider these islands desolate, but if you have an adventurous and loving nature, the Chanel Islands are considered the Galapagos Islands in North America.

Huntington Botanical Gardens

This is another amazing place that we have failed to visit for decades. Located in Pasadena, this magnificent apartment is home to more than a dozen picturesque gardens spread over 120 acres. It’s hard to tell which park is the most impressive, but the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and California Garden are some of my favorites.

We didn’t even get a chance to check out the art galleries. The Huntington Art Gallery includes British paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from the 18th and 19th centuries, and includes the famous blue boy. To my shame as a writer, we haven’t visited the Huntington Library itself, one of the largest and most complete research libraries in the United States.

in the next time.

Ventura County Wine Trail

Napa may get all attention as a wine country in California, but my husband and I enjoyed drinking our way through the coastal hills near the coastal town of Ventura. We visited two wineries and nearly 20 tasting rooms.

You can book one of the many wine tours on offer. However, we decided to get a map and explore it on our own. Starting at Ventura at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 101, we drive Highway 33 towards Ojai.

Surprises await this fairly lonely but charming road – from “the smallest Post Office in the United States” to the last place where James Dean saw alive. Our favorite discovery was the Old Creek Winery factory which felt like it was returning to a simpler place and time where friendly people and dogs welcomed us. We enjoyed the wine bottle purchased and strolled outside at tables enjoying the Americana view.

By the way, Ojai and Ventura are two worthy stops with charming inns, luxurious spas, bed and breakfasts along with a wide range of outdoor activities. In the summer, Ventura Harbor Village is a hub of activity with festivals and live music on weekends.

Laguna Beach

This charming beach town is located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. With over 20 different scenic bays, this beach area offers everything from surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, canoeing and whale watching excursions.

Just be careful, the waves can be rough in places. As a teenager, I decided to surf despite winding waters and wiped on a massive wave (I think Beach Boys’ song: Heheheheheee’s wiping out!). In fact, I blame Beach Boys for the whole incident since they went and the romance of this individual thing surfers with songs she brought up like Surfer Girl. So their fault.

However, the scene cannot be overcome. Add unique restaurants, supermarkets and art galleries, and you’ll get the picture. There is even a Baby Boomer Club with dances on Saturday night. Every summer, they host Laguna Woodstock where a baby boom party like 1969.

Heisler Park is a good place to start, located just north of the main beach, with an easy half-mile stroll along the paved road with stunning views of the coast and the soothing sound of crashing waves. You can take a path to the beaches and the tidal pools. Lots of chairs, picnic tables, and barbecues are where you can enjoy great views. My husband and I stroll over one of the grassy areas and it was perfect!

Another great place, Treasure Island Park is located on the grounds of the five-star Montage Laguna Beach, where the accommodation is truly rich. Many observation seats are lined up in a beautifully winding path. Stairs and cliffs lead you to the beach, where you can walk through a beautiful rocky path during low tide, find a spot in the sand for sunbathing, and a large stretching pool. In addition, there are plenty of grassy picnic areas. I suggest bringing some wine and cheese to catch the romantic sunset.

Big Bear Lake

I live in the desert, so the Big Bear nearby is a wonderful mountain retreat with its magnificent lake and unspoiled forests. Boating, fishing and hiking are just some of the activities in this quiet little village.

Last summer my husband and I scooted around the lake, enjoyed a picnic, slid down the alpine slide, drove go-carts at speeds of up to 30 mp.h, and took a tour of the scenic sky chair for stunning views. After watching people take the lift chair to the mountain bike down the tracks, we put this on our to-do list next time.

For adventurers in the heart, parasailing and water skiing are also available.

Beach of the developer

Are you looking for a stunning coastline with white sand, tall cliffs, crashing waves and rocky rock formations in a semi-hidden location?

Look no further than El Matador, which is north of Malibu, off the Pacific Coast winding highway. It’s easy to miss the little sign and structure indicating a small parking lot on top of the road, so watch carefully between Broad Beach and Decker Canyon Roads. Once you find it, be ready to lift a trick 150 feet long with the help of some steep stairs.

Not for young children or those with physical disabilities, but if you can do it through the steps, you will be treated with stunning views. The locals know about this beach and you might see some pictures happening – we did!

There is little to do on this small but gorgeous beach, so have lunch or some wine and discover a hidden corner to enjoy an incredibly romantic setting.

Redondo Beach

Until now, you may have noticed that my husband and I are homeless on the beach. We found this beach by accident while searching for a nearby place to stay the night before traveling from Los Angeles airport the next morning.

The Redondo Quay is a landmark with panoramic ocean views and water activities including harbor cruises, seasonal whale watching, kayaks, rowing boards and pedal boats. The truth is known, we haven’t tried any of these, but we loved Tony’s views on the sidewalk where we enjoyed a happy hour!

The dock is also home to a large 16-foot white shark known as Georgette, on display in a large tank in Shark Attack on the dock. If you have grandchildren with you or are a youngster in the heart, you may enjoy the semi-submersible yellow submarine (Darn, now I have the Beatles song stuck in my head) to watch underwater for local marine life.

Definitely beats staying at the airport hotel if you are traveling to or from Los Angeles.

Catalina Island

This island is more popular than some of my previous recommendations, but it is an emotional favorite. My husband and I spent our honeymoon 40 years ago and returned several times. It’s an attractive little island, with no stop lights or fast food restaurants. Typical traffic jam involves two golf carts and a bike designed for two.

On our honeymoon, we cycled with pleasure around Avalon, went horseback riding, and toured the famous casino, sunbathing on the small beach. We also took a bus to Two Harbors, which is the only other village on Catalina Island. Snorkelling, parasailing, fishing, underglazing, windsurfing, cycling, golfing and hiking are other popular activities.

After decades, we sailed on our boat to the island from Long Beach – which turned out to be one land trip. My husband and older children once again returned to dive into the open waters to become relied on to dive amid the famous kelp forests surrounded by the bright orange Garibaldi fish. The next time we visit, I want to try the new 600-foot-high zip line with one 1,100-foot run at speeds of up to 30 minutes per hour. Wei!

As you might say, Southern California has many great places to visit, it is impossible to list them all. But I hope I’ve given you some ideas to get started!



New York City nightlife, nightclubs, restaurants, bars – our guide to entertainment in New York City


Although the city is getting bigger and building its nightlife more for tourists, New York is still full of nightlife for many locals and travelers. New York City is known as HUB of the Jazz world because all the great have made their names here and above and the arrivals know this is the place to be. New York also has some of the most colorful and exclusive dance clubs in the world. There are plenty of lounges so there are plenty of places in New York to find a comfortable place to sit, drink and listen to music. New York City caters to all ages from concerts, hosts the largest collection of mega concerts by world-renowned musicians, and is world famous for its comedy clubs world-famous.

We went on a Friday night in search of a cold nightclub and someone recommended Ace of Clubs, so we jumped into a taxi and $ 40 later we got to Ace of Clubs. When we walked on the door, things didn’t look like ours. It was a little high and the drinks were a little expensive. So we went back to our hotel looking for something better.

On the way to the hotel, we asked the woman in the office to recommend a nightclub and she told us to check it out which I think was a new guide to nightlife that was very easy. We wrote in New York City, chose a nightclub, and showed a handful on the map. So we picked the closest one he says has continuous special drinks, since we’ve actually spent a lot on taxis, we’ve got into them and checked them out. When we got there it was just as it appeared in that comfortable location (we saw a few video tours so we knew what to expect). We went in and got a table and bought a bottle of gray goose and had a great time. It was called “The Pink Elephant” (the name of the night club). We had a great time and went back to the hotel to lose consciousness.

We spent the next day doing tourist things, checking out Fifth Avenue, walking around Manhattan, stopping at two restaurants randomly for lunch and by the time it was rolling around us, we had been exhausted. We decided we needed something a little more so we checked the ploose again and found a cool little lounge nearby and decided to check it out. It was called the sapphire lounge. She had a really classic decor, kind of like a party in your living room. The red curtains were great! There was a hip DJ who was playing home music and the prices were very reasonable. Strongly recommend.

It came on Sunday and we wanted to watch the soccer match, so we established a sports bar nearby. We found Proof NYC and let me tell you, I was really happy that we went there. It had a huge TV and I was talking 8 feet long – this TV was no joke. The bar has wooden floors and crimson walls. They had some great beer shows that day too, so we got lucky. We ordered some food, drank our drinks and enjoyed our last day in New York City.

Before we left the city forever, we had time to stop by a jazz bar called “Blue Note”. It has been one of the best jazz bars I have ever visited in the world and for any jazz fan, I highly recommend it. It was about half a capacity or more but not so crowded and beautifully decorated and distinguished musicians blew our minds!

In short, New York City has a very wide range of entertainment choices to offer. Next time we will go to the Opera and Broadway check and give you our recommendations there.

Work hard, party hard, and get home safely.



The world’s best secret, Krakow and Zakopane, Poland


As a former flight attendant, I visited all European countries except Albania and Poland. Poland is the fifth largest country in Europe. Aside from Lech Walesa, Copernicus, the Pope and a decade of Polish jokes that I never understood, I knew nothing about this land. However, my interest peaked as it would soon be hot on the tourist path and because my husband’s family in Chicago is here. He accompanied me with pleasure to discover his roots. I went to become educated and rich with something new. We traveled from Atlanta via JFK and Warsaw to Krakow for only 4 days. No tired rest with head spinning path. The best off-season visit is best to mingle with the locals. Provides a more authentic and intimate atmosphere.

When we arrive at the airport, we are welcomed by Pavel who will be our driver all the time. Bearing the welcome sign “Souza Davis”. I say, “Hi, I’m Suzy from Atlanta.” She laughed when he replied, “Yes, in the basement of the United States.” We searched Amadeus Hotel, a 16th-century luxury inn in the heart of downtown. Prince Charles I was once told in our room.

We set out to find dinner. The bright old city was amazing and filled with many young people, which made me feel old. 150,000 students reside in this university city. Krakow is the main party scene in Europe where they stay out until the birds sing. This historic district has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the world. We suddenly discovered the Pierogi Garden, the home of fresh Polish dumplings. It was stuffed with sauerkraut, lamb, beef, berries, chocolate and even peanut butter. There were 6 types of soups, all with beets that I hate. After a dozen dumplings, I had a melted yogurt pie that was very delicious.

Poland has experienced countless conquests throughout its history. Destroyed by the Germans and then the Russians, it finally gained independence in 1989 with the collapse of Soviet communism. Krakow was connected to destruction near the end of World War II by the Germans. They planned to detonate it as soon as the Russians took over, fortunately the war ended hours before the plan was implemented.

Today it is still one of the few cities remaining in its original form. With a population of now 780,000, it has turned into a modern international capital. Vibrant and modern, it retains in one way or another its traditional culture with royal architecture. In Krakow one finds the spirit of the new Poland.

On the second day, Anna, who was remarkably beautiful, received us. We started off on a network of cobbled streets in the old city that were intended for walking. It was a maze of museums, chapels, galleries, cafes and a hole in the wall bars. Even in winter, there was entertainment with street dancers, Mimes, and accordion players, and on one corner, I saw a knight dancing on armor.

We entered the market square, the largest medieval square in Europe where little has changed since 1257. It is crowned by the bell tower where a horn plays at the top of the hour. Residents go crazy at night. You should see the cloth hall where fish merchants, clothing merchants and bakers sell their wares since the 14th century. Now it is a gorgeous gallery of handicraft kiosks.

We drove to the well-preserved ghetto which is now sharply artistic. Poland once occupied the largest concentration of Jews in Europe at 3.5 million. During the Middle Ages, the Kings of Poland indicated that they were expelled elsewhere and called on them to increase the economy. Here they flourished until the Holocaust and coercive communism after World War II. Now only 180 remain. We saw the ghettos where the famous Spielberg movie was filmed and looked across the river to see the Schindler plant.

Rick Steves wrote that one should visit the milk bar here. Anna escorted us to a government-backed coffee shop for the working class. They are a storehouse of Poland’s Communist past. Everything is surprisingly cheap. I ordered a bowl of soup and a homemade cheese cake for $ 2.

Then we visited Wawel Castle, a 12th-century masterpiece and iconic pride of the city. There were no queues as we walked the paths of history. This was the residence of the Kings for 500 years. Anna explains the legend of your breath dragon named Your Highness here who ate virgins for breakfast.

This was reinforced by the discovery of large, exotic bones in the fourteenth century AD. (Bones are actually whalebones as this region in Europe has once been underwater for ages.) Thus the dragon has become a symbol of the city and is ubiquitous in souvenir stores. Then Anna pushed us into many beautiful churches, for me it’s always boring like painting with numbers, but she was amazing. Ask if there is any Protestant here. She bluntly replied, “Yes, one.”

The afternoon was spent on searches of restaurants and hotels. I loved the official greetings and it is always educational. Find out about local cuisine and accommodations in the best location at the best price. All hotels have been fully booked. Jews and Catholics visit throughout the year on pilgrimage or come to tours at the roots.

Krakow is recently ranked among the top 10 European destinations. I now understand the reason. Americans continue to rave about Prague which I now find with price inflation and falling service levels. It has become as expensive as Rome. In the end, Krakow may do the same when Poland turns into the Euro in 2012. At the moment one can boast at reasonable prices. Europeans flock to save 50-70%. Germans and Danes, in particular, are coming for dental and optics needs. Medical tourism, including plastic surgery, is booming. I meet an Austrian airline stewardess who flies every month for spa treatments at half the cost.

At night, we had dinner at Wierzynek, the oldest in the world that had served princes to tourists since 1364. It was delicious (organic) peasant food (wild boar), grilled ribs and pile of potatoes. I ask them to teach me some Polish language, which is an impossible Slavic language like alphabet soup. The word toilet has 5 syllables.

On the third day, we woke up on a gray, cold, and wet day that gave us the right atmosphere for what we would see. Pavel led us 60 km to Auschwitz. We were greeted by Yuri, our wonderful personal guide whose only passion was enlightening us in the unimaginable tragedies that occurred here from 1940-1945. I visited Dachau once, but this was the largest concentration camp. This death factory killed 1.4 million people of 27 nationalities. Most of them were Jews. Others were Roma, Soviet, Poles, LGBT, political opponents, and more.

We entered the portal and read “The work will set you free”. Inside there was a strong reminder when we saw the crematorium and the starvation cells, kilograms of hair, endless eyeglasses and a still gray pond of ash 60 years ago. The children’s section was the most sane for me. He was carrying a sea of ​​tiny shoes, dolls, and accurate German documentation of 230,000 young children who suffered and died here.

We were taken to the expanded Birkenau camp (Auschwitz 2), with its wooden barracks built to house 100,000 people but eventually it contained 200,000+ together in silence, we three walked half a mile to see the rubble of the gas chambers and the memorial. At the end of our tour, Yuri said goodbye to us with this profound statement: “I directed many Holocaust survivors who visited here like tourists. Ultimately they told me that I was unable to provide 1% of how bad that was really.” This was the most emotionally touching spot. That I’ve seen my eyes.

In the late afternoon we visited the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. This mysterious, spacious underground city of 3 miles long has extracted salt for 800 years. The World Heritage site attracts 1 million visitors a year and looks as if they have arrived today.

Our guide Justina seemed to be obsessed with salt, but was just a love of her job as a mentor. She said that following her down 836 step was better than Stairmaster. Caves have carried me, but this site will forever be engraved on my mind. Imagine underground chapels, ornate statues, chandeliers and life-size figures sculpted entirely from salt or a restaurant and a 380 ‘post office below street level. It was amazing. For centuries miners and horses spent their lives here. Stay healthy in this small, rich climate. It has to do with magnesium ions, whatever it is? Today people come to the healing rooms of the treatment complex to isolate in the purity of natural air.

Day 4. I’m constantly searching for the globe, searching for unique things or places to offer to fellow travelers. Today I found him in Zakopane. For years now, a friend of mine has insisted on visiting this mountain resort with a funny name that I can’t remember. We drove to the fresh air of the Tatra Mountains with Eva, our expert guide that day. She said this adventure destination of 60,000 people swells to nearly 200,000 throughout the year. In summer they come to spas and hiking in the Alps. In winter they come to ski. That week, Zakapan hosted the International Ski Jump Competition.

Here was a charming city of artists and Gyurek, an ethnic group of mountain heights. These itinerant shepherds go back to the fifteenth century. They love to wear colorful clothes for tourists. They live on cheese or anything smothered by cheese. We visited a cheese market the size of Switzerland. As far as I could see my eyes, there were sheep and goat cheese artistically carved in every conceivable form. We also toured the Aqua Park with an Olympic-sized metal metal heated swimming pool and Olympic high-speed cable cars in the mountains to see the stunning views.

It was a more productive and enjoyable day tour. I found a local tourist company that arranged fun activities for groups such as horse sled through the woods, dog sleds and the new “rowing” in rubber sled rafts down the mountain. In the mega overseas market with countless stalls, I bought a stunning leather coat and fur for $ 260 that looks fashionable 6 times its price.

There is much that I have not seen on this short visit. On my next return, I will take a new “Crazy Communism Tour”. Outside Krakow is Noa Huta, which was once a highly socialist suburb of forced industrialization. Mega steel mills factories overtook rich farmland. Doctors and professors have been sent here to work. Miles of concrete blocks were erected to house them.

On the tour, you can discover the experience of Stalin’s direct gift to Krakow by riding a classic German eastern Trabant car to Noa Huta. A dinner of salted bread, pickles and vodka is included, followed by dancing in the 1970s disco.

Under the yoke of communism, the Poles refused to abandon their religion. Stalin said, “The implementation of communism here is like a bull ox.” Faced with such a determined spirit in people, he surrendered. I am amazed at all the obstacles this stoic country has overcome.

If you are there and have bought a London, Paris, Madrid or Athens shirt, I encourage you to visit undiscovered parts of Europe. Krakow will become the next Prague. It’s full of history, friendly faces and delicious cuisine, and it won’t break your pocket. If you can visit New Poland, please do not tell anyone about Zakapane, one of the best kept secrets in the world.



Gone with the Wind


Margaret Mitchell classic Gone with the Wind won the hearts of fans around the world. The classic story of romance and tragedy is widely believed to be one of the greatest literary works of our time, so it is not surprising that some fans cannot get enough. Many fans want to get a little closer to the characters and scenes from the novel, thankfully they can.

It is often said that Mitchell’s story was based on a true story. In a letter apparently written by Mitchell in 1936 she claimed that all incidents in the book are correct. This only increased the fans ’desire to see the places in the book and learn more about the characters in it.

Tour went with the wind in Jonesboro, Georgia in the United States. Your tour guide will help you get into the spirit of things by wearing a full dress and reminding you of some of the most popular seasons while traveling.

Tours are held at one in the afternoon every day and take some of the most famous places in the book. It lasts about three hours. You will visit Mr. Kennedy Store, Margaret Mitchell and Shanty Town. You will also get to know the true identity of Melanie Hamilton, Prissy, George and Ellen O’Hara plus a lot more. The tour also includes entry to the Road to Tara Museum, the largest gold museum with the Wind Museum in the world.

If you can’t resist getting a little closer to Scarlett O’Hara and want an opportunity to relive some events in her life, be sure to check out the Gone with the Wind tour.



Summer refugee – Shimla


The state capital is blessed with countless gifts. Surrounded by seven hills with stunning views from all sides, Shimla tourism is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility among the noble Himalayan peaks. The Himalayan winds make Shimla temperature between -7 ° C to 10 ° C in winter with snowfall in December to 16 ° C to 25 ° C in summer with little rain. The weather all year round is pleasant, and every season has its charm. In winter, Shimla attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy snowfall and acts as an escape from the scorching heat in summer.

The most popular tourist attraction is the mall, which includes a full chain of restaurants, shopping methods for items such as handicrafts, pashmina shawls, wood and metal works, carpets and others. The Lacar Bazaar and the Tibetan Bazaar are also among the popular tourist destinations during Shimla travel. Religious tourists can honor them in various temples, such as Jakhu Temple, Sankat Mochan, and Kali Bari, which also offer panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. Shimla has managed over the years to retain its colonial charm, so one can visit churches built during the British era, The Viceregal Lodge & Botanical Gardens on Observatory Hill, or simply walk across Ridge.

Shimla is located in the Hefalik chain in the Himalayas with a range of low hills to giant mountains, which offers adventurous tourists a number of outdoor activities such as trekking, fishing, skiing and others.

For those who spend their honeymoon in Shimla, camping and snowboarding are among the favorite activities. Himachal Tours offers camps in different parts of the region, and the ice rink in Shimla boasts the largest outdoor area with naturally frozen ice. Near locations include Kufri, with its rich biological diversity, Narkanda, which provides wonderful views of the plains as well as snow-capped mountain peaks. Chail, Rampur, Fagu, Sarahan and dozens of other amazing locations are what makes Shimla different from other Hill stations.

There are a large number of hotels in Shimla, to accommodate tourists. From luxury hotels to mid-priced budget hotels and budget-friendly hotels that offer the right type of accommodation, according to requirements. Various hotel packages offer guests a number of facilities to make their stay in Shimla comfortable and enjoyable. Honeymoon suites may also offer panoramic views of the stunning mountains as well as well-furnished rooms with all modern amenities.

Because of the cold weather all year round, warm clothes should be worn. Pullovers, along with warm jackets are necessary in the winter and light wool during the summer is necessary. Since most places are cut on foot, one also needs to have a good pair of shoes.

From nature lovers to adventurous tourists, Shimla is a dream destination for every traveler. One cannot limit the reasons for visiting this destination. Blessed with natural beauty, he promises a vacation worth taking.



Safe health tours in Tulum and Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


In the last 12 months of media coverage related to Mexico, many people will think that Mexico as a country is a risky place to visit because of the recent H1N1 (swine flu) virus and stories of kidnappings and shootings centered primarily around several U.S. border cities. Unfortunately, regional events have had a negative impact on the local tourism economy about half a distant country on the Yucatan Peninsula.

A fair (or unfair) comparison can be made if LA Riots erupted after the rule of Rodney King in the United States in 1991, if people from all over the world had the perception, “Don’t go to the United States, there is violence and looting in the streets and the place is burning! “I will definitely not be visiting south-central Los Angeles that week, but this will not cancel my trip to San Diego.

As a Colorado resident forever and been full time resident on the Yucatan Peninsula, south of Cancun for almost two years, I can tell you that it is a great place to live and visit. I have never felt “unsafe” for my family members or friends who have visited on many occasions. Regarding the flu here, the virus doesn’t work well in warmer climates and with average temperatures here in the mid-1980s, it’s a much safer place than most locations in the north.

Why should you visit this wonderful area? The biggest reason is that it is a beautiful and magical place that is changing rapidly. We can only hope that much of what we love will remain in this place as the coming years bring about the inevitable changes that Paradise will always find. It’s a bit ironic that you have places like this sharing knowing that sharing will change the place. So forgive me for the beautiful places in the world to share a little about a place called Heaven, Tulum.

For those of you who have gone to Tulum, Mexico, the mere mention of the place will surely evoke beautiful memories of lazy days on the beach and the varied shades of turquoise blue water. The beaches of Tulum and the warm, clear blue waters are really sublime but there is so much more to this place than just amazing beauty.

Tulum are boarding schools for kites and Eco Chic cabins such as Ocho Tulum, Playa Azul and Om Tulum, and the small Mayan and Yucatan Mexican hotels and resorts. Try Blue Tulum Hotel & Spa for ultimate luxury at the highest standards. Tulum is Scuba’s adventures on coral reefs in the Caribbean and underground exploring the world’s largest underground river system that converges in sewage springs known as rock rocks. Tulum are salt water bodies, deep sea fishing, paddling lakes and a growing city of yoga. It is predominantly green and natural with 1.3 million acres of protected Sian Ka’an wetlands with low impact protected access.

It is an international melting pot where you can hear six languages ​​on any given day just walk on the street. Tulum also has an increasing reputation owed to a variety of excellent restaurants serving fine local and international cuisine in paradise. You will find all kinds of traditional Mayan and Mexican dining options, but you will also find lots of Italian, French, German, Thai, sushi specialties and more.

Tulum is a short drive from all the other things that make Yucatan vacation fun and relaxing even though adventurous activities like golf, world shopping and night clubs may not be within 30 minutes in Playa del Carmen.

So yes, Tulum is a great and unique way to spend an adventurous vacation. She has a little of everything she wants on vacation and a tropical destination. For me, this is an adventure and going out and for others it never leaves the beach or a day or week of shopping or golf.

What people need to know is that Tulum and the rest of Yucatan are a great vacation destination and are safe for both adventurers and sunbathers. See you in Tulum!